If We Were Having Coffee | June Picnics

If we were having a coffee, it would probably be part of a ‘socially distanced’ picnic in London, because that was absolutely the highlight of June. Well, if I’m honest, March and April as well really. We lost our little Biscuit this month, and she has left a Tabby shaped hole in our hearts.

Adventures of a London Kiwi

June 2020 will always make me think of paint fumes. Aside from sleeping, working and reading, all we’ve really done is decorate. Live is still on pause with  Covid-19. The government have encouraged us all to start to live a little more normally, then Leicester went into a local lockdown. This all feels incredible Orwellian.

There have been a few lovely domestic moments; this Corbin and King dinner that we enjoyed in the sunshine (more to come on that…)

Adventures of a London Kiwi

…a fair few leisurely days armed with coffee, lamingtons(!) sweetcorn fritters and a book – whilst not painting, sanding, cleaning and organising. I joke that I dislike DIY, redorating our whole place has been hard work, but it’s so nice to have really achieved something – and I’ve discovered that glossing is even better than meditation. Maybe it’s the paint fumes?…

Adventures of a London Kiwi

…I took my first trip into London for around 4 months to run a few essential errands, and snuck in a ‘socially distanced’ picnic with Angie and Sam – the government are saying that it’s very very low Covid risk to meet people from different households out in the open air (masks are mandatory on public transport). To be honest we’re quite distrustful, so we’re taking things very, very slowly, much slower than the government guidance because the virus is stil out there…

Adventures of a London Kiwi

…but oh what a joy it was to see these lovely ladies. Real people. Who don’t live in my house …but everything we are doing in this pandemic is all for the greater good.

Adventures of a London Kiwi

Honestly, I’ve been quite enjoying spending all this time with Mr Kiwi. SHOCK I know! That’s basically all the news I would have for you if we were having coffee right now.

I’ve been really getting back into cooking and blog reading – not to mention opening a few of the unread books that have lurked on my bookshelf for far too long. A few recipes that I’ve loved are Kacie’s Welsh Rarebit, literally everything that Sanjana makes and Amanda’s delicious sounding homemade pizza sauce. I even pulled out my trusty Edmonds cookbook to whip up a banana cake and I’ve also had a go a recreating a McMuffin – and the result wasn’t too bad at all (to my surprise!)

What’s your favourite thing to make this lockdown?

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