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Over the years we have been lucky enough to enjoy meals in some of the most wonderful places – so I thought I’d share 5 of my most memorable meals. Aftternoon tea at Claridges, breakfasting like lords in a Bordeaux Chateaudinner at the Ritz, feasting on a bento box near Mount Fuji, lunching at Le Manoirbrunching with glorious London views, drinking ‘arctic whiskey’ under the Northern Lights in Tromso, eating cake in Vienna and so many more brilliant experiences (not to mention a few restaurant reviews along the way) but…

5 of the best meals I've ever eaten - August Travellinkup Adventures of a London Kiwi

…there is one place I’m happiest. As an emotional cheeseball at the best of times, I can often be found grinning away tucked somewhere behind a table full of the people I love – and it doesn’t matter where on the globe we are. It is almost always the highlight of any trip we make anywhere in the world (the only exceptions are the countries where we can’t stalk visit anyone which are few and far between).

So in no particular emotional order, rather by date to avoid any family rows, 5 of my most memorable meals ever are:

5 of the best meals I've ever eaten - August Travellinkup Adventures of a London Kiwi

My 21st birthday in Paris

On a romantic birthday break and the first time in the French capital for both of us, having given up on the tourist-y haunts of the main streets, Mr Kiwi and I were searching the twisting back streets for a jewel. A genuine French bistro. I wanted a moodily lit restaurant where real Parisians treasure age old cooking methods, incredible fresh bread and umm, well snails. Hey, we were tourists after all.

Spotting a wee treasure at the back of several offices, we made our way towards the small doors surrounded by wildly gesticulating smokers enjoying a post-work vino. A little scared, we steeled ourselves and entered the busy room. Espying the menus – all in handwritten French – we decided on escargot, bouef and dessert roulette (employing the point and be surprised method). Little did we know that our Parisien evening would leave us on a knife edge

5 of the best meals I've ever eaten - August Travellinkup Adventures of a London Kiwi

My first family Christmas in England

Aside from the year that I spent Christmas as an expat orphan in Bath (it was rather more boozy than traditional – my only Christmas present was a bottle of wine and the news that my then boss had forgotten to pay me over the festive period) my favourite British Christmas was the first one that that my adoptive family took me into their hearts & shared a toast to the Queen.

We gathered in the lounge, two families plus a random kiwi they invited in out from the cold. In the corner a Christmas tree adorned with lights, in the frosty window a Menorah awaiting the tradition lighting, canapes seemed to float out of the oven, my glass was continuously topped up with champagne and a turkey roasted with an assortment of vegetables. It wasn’t my first in the country, but it was certainly the first that I felt like I’d settled into my new family. (The next year for balance we spent Christmas in our PJs watching Doctor Who at home whilst it snowed outside – my first white London Christmas.)

5 of the best meals I've ever eaten - August Travellinkup Adventures of a London Kiwi

Our Wedding dinner in Grimsby

After officially/legally tying the knot in London and enjoying a champagne toast and mini-dinner (confusing called a wedding breakfast in the UK still as it’s the first meal that the couple will share after their marriage has taken place), we spent our first night in a lovely Mayfair Hotel before bolting up north to Grimsby, where a Saxon tower waited for us to properly take our vows.

We had as many as possible of the people that we love the most in the world gathered in one room, everyone was having a good time at the Country Club and little snippets of home were everywhere. There were ferns in my bouquet as a nod to the primordial New Zealand forests, we had Minties (a Kiwi sweet) and chocolate limes in our favours and slices of kiwi were on each dessert plate. Simple little things that made me smile from ear to ear.

5 of the best meals I've ever eaten - August Travellinkup Adventures of a London Kiwi

3 meals in 3 countries in 1 day

For the longest of stretch of time, I’ve wanted to have 3 meals in 3 countries in a single day. There’s an air of romance about being able to slip between nations in search of delicious food, and the ability to pop between Switzerland, France and Germany was simply too hard to resist whilst exploring Basel. (Ok, ok, this is cheating. I’ll just count dinner then…)

Basel Airport Hotel La Villa K Restaurant La Cave Adventures of a London Kiwi

A Summer Christmas in New Zealand

We were entirely upside down and in a completely different hemisphere. It was Christmas Eve in New Zealand: the sun was shining, we had our drinks fridge all chilled and the ham was in the oven slowly being honey-glazed. One by one car loads of family were pulling into the drive before unloading copious amounts of kids and presents under the Christmas tree.

5 of the best meals I've ever eaten - August Travellinkup Adventures of a London Kiwi


Very narrowly missing the cut has to be the day we went to Paris just for lunch – I suppose I could have made it a top 6 meals, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it. We woke up in the morning, grabbed a coffee and a seat on the Eurostar, took in a exhibition at L’Orangerie, ordered lunch at the infamous Angelina then came home. To a person growing up in a country & lived a minimum 3 hour flight from anywhere else, I can’t tell you how brilliant that was!

Meandering along memory lane thinking about 5 of my most memorable meals was pure delight. What are your most memorable meals?

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