9 Things To Do in Lincolnshire

This blog is called Adventures of a London Kiwi, but my second UK home is Lincolnshire. Over the years I’ve shared my favourite spots, but a recent trip inspired me to properly lasso these best of the best things to do in Lincolnshire into a single blog post. With my better half being a paid up Linconshire yellow belly (perhaps the most popular story for the origins of the term yellowbelly is one concerning the apparel worn by local regiments) we’ve spent a lot of time in his home county.

Best things to do in Lincolnshire

You won’t find a friendlier county than Lincolnshire, well, except if you’re one of their sworn Yorkshire frenemies; the cross Humber rivalry runs deep in their bones. Especially on the football field.

Lincolnshire is the perfect place to take a leisurely roadtrip – one of those ones where you have plenty of time and dimble into local pubs for dinner (after fish and chips on the seafront for lunch obviously.)

Things to do in Lincolnshire

Admire Lincoln Cathedral

Of course I had to start with Lincoln Cathedral, dominating the gently undulating Lincolnshire Wolds. ‘I have always held and proposed against all comers to maintain that the Cathedral of Lincoln is out and out the most precious piece of architecture in the British Isles’ – John Ruskin. For nearly 300 years Lincoln Cathedral was the tallest building in the world – 

what to do in Lincolnshire

For Maritime History, visit the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre

This heritage attraction is an Arts Council England Accredited Museum and holds a number of awards, including the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame, the Sandford Award for Heritage Education and the VisitEngland Quality Rose Marque. It depicts the 1950s heyday of Great Grimsby’s world famous fishing fleet, using displays consisting of preserved trawler interiors and carefully crafted recreations. The centre is also home to three historic fishing vessels, and won Attraction of the Year from the English Tourism Board and the Blue Peter Children’s Museum of the Year award in 1993.

Relax on Cleethorpes Beach

Technically it’s the Humber estuary, but on a sunny day, the golden sands can’t be beaten for relaxing on. 

Cleethorpes Beach

Eat the best fish and chips in England

Something you may not know – unless you know lots of kiwis – is that we have a full blown adoration of excellent fish and chips. It’s a meal brought over from the streets of London (where fish and chips were invented by Jewish housewives) one that we’re very fussy about 

Things to do in Lincolnshire

Wander through Waltham Windmill

£1.50*. There isn’t much you can buy with £1.50 these days. A loaf of bread, a few pints of milk, or a bottle of coke in a ridiculously overpriced corner shop, but I think the best £1.50 I’ve spent in many years was at Waltham Windmill, dominating the local skyline of a local village 5 miles from Grimsby, a large town in the North-Eastern shires of England.

* Now entry is the grand sum of £2, and I bought freshly milled flour

Amble around Belton House & Park

You can stroll for an hour or two on a civilised circuit of the lakes, gardens and statuary of Belton Park – one of England’s most magnificent estates and the setting for the BBC’s 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. The 17th Century mansion is surrounded by a maze, beautiful lakes, a tastefully planted orangery, the Italian garden with its fountain and statue walk … This is also a splendid spot for wildlife, including kingfishers, grebes, woodpeckers, tree creepers and cormorants. (I’d also recommend visiting Grantham House nearby, it’s also beautiful.)

what to do in Lincolnshire

Spying Seal Pups at the Donna Nook Seal Sanctuary

I was watching a documentary that highlighted a seal colony that migrates to a certain cove once a year to have their babies in safety, away from predators of the ocean. To my husband, Donna Nook is a RAF base. To me, it’s a seal slumber party spot. The best time to visit is October/November for gorgeous pups. Simply follow your GPS as it guides us through narrow roads that curved through fields – there are temporary parking lots where you can leave your car before walking over the sand dunes.

what to do in Lincolnshire

Doddington Hall Gardens

Over four centuries of heritage and glorious gardens make this one of the most popular stately homes to visit in Lincolnshire. The walled -and wild- gardens are a unique place to take a walk, with rare plants and quirky features galore, including a turf maze, unicorn-shaped hedges and the so-called “Temple of the Winds”.

Explore Gunby Estate

Gunby Estate is a “homely country house” dated 1700 set in Victorian walled gardens at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds. And it’s glorious. Tennyson poetically called it a ‘haunt of ancient peace’ – one with eight acres of gardens to explore and picnic in.

what to do in Lincolnshire

…and if you enjoy walking, check out these Lincolnshire walking trails

It’s a genuinely hidden gem of an area in England. Armed with a car and a GPS you’ll get the most out of exploring Lincolnshire with a bit of an inside track – like this list of what to do in Lincolnshire.

Have you been up to Lincolnshire?

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Best Things to do in Lincolnshire

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