10 Things I Achieved During the Covid-19 Lockdown

Over the three plus months of being stuck at home during the Covid-19 lockdown, for the most part we actually we settled into a fairly nice routine of working and relaxing. Thinking back, there were at least 10 things I achieved during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

Cooking during lockdown

Mr Kiwi even set up a reoccuring Friday night pub chat via Skype (which gave me a chance to do the same, or indulge in some terrible TV.)

1. Clocked up 45,789 hours of TV

Because some days all I wanted was to be entertained by the best and brightest silver screen and small screen stars – and reading seemed like too much effort. I hauled out old old favourite comedies, rewatched some teenage favourites (only all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel) and discovered new favourites like Schitts Creek and Modern Family.

2. Achieved three 900,000+ point games of Bejewelled

Yes. Yes I am that person. I find the animated clink of the tiny jewels to be soothing in a 2005 way.
Cooking during lockdown

3. Started a dinner planning spreadsheet

It’s something I’ve trialled before, but, ahem, tend to go out too much for it to be any good. It’s been great chance to try cooking some of my favourites, extending my kitchen repertoire quite a bit. Weirdly, the hardest thing has been narrowing down our choices down (and those choices being the things we fancy on the actual day.) 

4. Organised my baking, cereal & understairs cupboards

But. Organising the Tupperware/containers was a step too far. Just. Too. far. One the list of 10 things I achieved during the Covid-19 lockdown period, this is quite a highlight.

5. Established a new daily routine

I roll out of bed, brew a cafetiere full of black gold, make a bit of breakfast (usually something delicious, occasionally just toast) and scoot outside (normally accompanied by my PA) ready to go through the work list and prioritise my to do list for the day ahead. It was such a lovely, leisurely start to the day – no trains to run for, no handbag to pack (usually leaving at least one thing out), no shoes to slip on – especially being able to soak up the summer sunshine. I did get to a point where I almost popped to our very local shop without any shoes, but somehow carrying my mask, luckily it was only a one time, feral Kiwi thing.
Coronavirus Adventures of a London Kiwi

6. Downloaded TikTok and added two, yes, two videos

Because I’m down with the kids, I am! Kinda.

7. Dyed my hair blue, and had the dye UTTERLY fail

It was hilarious and managed to occupy an evening, so all was not lost. (Oh the joy of lockdown entertainment.)

8. Not baked banana bread or sourdough

The baking rebel that I am, I stuck to baking a few Kiwi classics that I’ve been missing like ANZAC Biscuits, eventually tracked down enough eggs for Bacon and Egg Pie, made Neenish Tarts and smashed out my first quiche from scratch. A proud moment. I did however make the Tiktok/Dalgona coffee and it was really good (for terrible instant coffee that was in the cupboard that I wasn’t allowed to throw out because it’s Mr Kiwi’s favourite.)
Expat Life in London Adventures of a London Kiwi

9. Tried every video communication platform on the internet

Over the years as an expat we’ve winnowed our favourite video chatting platforms down to Skype, but since the start of lockdown, we’ve discovered (and discarded) so many new ones with all kinds of bells and whistles. 

10. Rediscovered a love of books

I’ve always adored reading, but on sunny afternoons later in lockdown, I’ve been loving settling in with my Kindle and leafing electronically through the imaginations of my favourite authors. (Oh, and discovering the podcasts of Pratchett fans who are even bigger addicts than me.) I’ve devoured a phalanx of fiction and non-fiction, hopefully learning a thing to two on the way.
How about you?
(Ps. This is super tongue-in-cheek – I don’t think anyone should be thinking in terms of achievement – it’s an incredibly stressful situation to find ourselves globally in. A weird, mostly low level of uncertain stress.)
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