My Travel Wishlist for 2021 – Travel Linkup

Goodness gracious me, it’s that part of the year again already. The time for looking back, taking stock of the present and writing my travel wishlist for 2021. It’s also the time of year to be confused about exactly what year it is, but I digress. 

Travel has never been a race for me – I’ve always picked destinations on my own terms, and for my own reasons (more often than not, it’s the history or food of a place) and that’s something that isn’t going to change going into 2021. I do however treasure every single memory made. (If you fancy a recap, here’s a quick highlights reel of 2020 – like most people, it was mostly a rotating destination list of Lounge, Bedroom, Garden, Kitchen – with a couple of lucky extra escapes.)

I usually try to narrow down my normal answer of ‘all the world’ to a selection of places, but honestly right now there are only 3 places on my humble list.

New Zealand

I’m very, very excited to get a very overdue hug or two…

A London Restaurant (or two)

Just hanging out with friends over set tables, with a glass of something cheeky. That’s all I want on my travel wishlist for 2021. Simple joys.


The Ocean

Boy I miss the ocean. Whether the friendly but slightly murky North East shores of the UK, walking the dog along the south coast, or the glimmering turquise of the Caribbean Ocean – just get me there. With a book and a cocktail. Lush.

Cleethorpes Beach

And of course all of my 2019 wishlist. Who knows where I’ll end up this year. I can’t wait to find out!

Which places are featuring on your travel wishlists for 2021?

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