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It’s always fascinating to get a peak into other people’s lives, so I thought I’d share a 2021 version of ‘what’s in my bag’. In fact,  I boiled it down to the 5 essential items for leaving the house. Disclosure: this was commissioned by the team at Fogily, but genuinely I wish I’d discovered their product years ago. If you don’t wear glasses, I bet you know someone who will LOVE you for telling them about FogKicker.

5 Essential Items For Leaving The House FogKicker

I’ve worn glasses since long before it was fashionable. (Thank you Harry Potter. Fun fact: optometrists are now having to fake out kids who are faking sight problems to get lenses now they’ve become so popular. Forget social kudos in my day all I got was teased for wearing them. Only I knew I was secretly a wizard… now it’s gotten as far as Hollywood. I digress.)

After much frustration in the field, I’ve honed these 5 essentials items for leaving the house over the last year – they all live by the front door, ready for duty the minute the sun breaks through the clouds and we can tiptoe out for a walk or to run essential errands.

5 Essential Items For Leaving The House FogKicker

Glasses prepped with Fogily

If you’ve ever worn glasses, you’ll understand the sheer frustration of walking from the cold into a warm room and instantly being blinded by steam. I’ve walked into things/people and often almost tripped over – never mind looking like a berk. 99 times out of 100 I’ve had to balance everything I’m carrying to take them off, unzip my coat and try and to dry my glasses. This has only become worse by wearing masks all the time when in public. And it’s not just me – asked around on social – here are just a few responses…

Fogkicker is an amazing wand (see what I did there HP fans) filled with a solution of advanced biopolymers found in plants to prevent fog. Plants use a special biological material to help them absorb and circulate water, this particular material is called nanocellulose, and its hydrophilic, or super water absorbent. This material is what is used in FogKicker to absorb any steam or fog on any surface. One coating can be enough for up to 24 hours.

I was worried before I used it that it could make my lenses smeary (which I loathe – the huge box of lens cleaner under my desk attests to that) but it dried on my glasses completely clear.

5 Essential Items For Leaving The House FogKicker

How well does it work? Well, after taking my glasses out into a cold garden before returning into our warm home. the lens on the left is untreated and the right has been treated with FogKicker. Each wand contains up to 50 uses, and can be used on lenses, visors, masks, and helmets – even for sports. No need for Hermione’s Impervious Charm, Muggles.

5 Essential Items For Leaving The House FogKicker

Comfortable Mask

We use fabric masks with a medical grade filter insert, and of course pair it with a matching or contrasting scarf. Fashun dahlink. We’ve always got spares and a disposable mask in a ziplock bag just in case.

Epic Shoes

Sounds hilarious as an ‘essential’ item, but there are a few times – especially during summer – where I’ve wandered almost to the end of our path before realising that I’m barefoot. Proper Kiwi feral style… 

5 Essential Items For Leaving The House FogKicker

Hand Sanitiser

(Hopefully this doesn’t require explanation.)

House Keys

Stop rolling your eyes at how obvious this is, but after how ever many months of not needing to carry them because a) I’ve not left the house, b) the husband always has his keys c) the back door is unlocked because he’s at home – I’ve found myself locked out of the house. And each time it’s happened, it’s been grey, cold and wet and the Mr has been on a video call whilst wearing his headphones for an hour not answering his phone, hearing me knock or looking at his emails. True story. 

5 Essential Items For Leaving The House FogKicker

Oh, and a foldable bag for when you just happen to walk past the local bakery where they’ve just baked a fresh batch of rolls, so you stride in, bag held aloft, not having to think about whether you’ll be able to see or not…

5 Essential Items For Leaving The House FogKicker

So thank you Fogily – I only wish I’d found about FogKicker years ago! It’s pure magic.

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