The Origin Story of Adventures of a London Kiwi

For the linkup this month, we’re chatting all things travel blog origin story. When I sat down, many many moons ago, having decided to start Adventures of a London Kiwi as a whim on a weekday evening, I genuinely never imagined where typing a few words on the internet would take me.

Adventures of a London Kiwi Food and Travel blog

*cue edited montage of amazing locations with an upbeat music overlay* [Or, a shot of me at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party…]

My elevator pitch is “Hi. This is my personal lifestyle, food and travel blog. I share my adventures as a long term expat, living in one of my favourite cities in the world. Though you probably won’t tell from my mostly English accent, I originate from New Zealand, also known as Aoteoroa, hobbitland or Land of the Long White Cloud. As a country, we are known as ‘Kiwis’; not necessarily the small furry brown fruit, but named after a small flightless bird who lives in our forests.” 

Neuschwenstein Castle Fussen Bavarian Germany Adventures of a London Kiwi

[Neuschwenstein Castle, Bavaria]

That’s how I landed on the name; I wanted something overarching, that would inspire me and yet not nail me down too much to a niche. Because life isn’t usually a niche, it’s so much more multi-faceted than that.

Celebrating a year of freelance small business life Aqua Nueva Adventures of a London Kiwi  

To then roll straight into a cliche, my blog is my personal journey – over the years it’s changed as I have. I’ve gone from an awkward office mouse, to a [fairly] confident multiple business owner. I’ve gone from not exploring my city properly, to strolling into 5* hotels like they’re my office.

Freelance Social Media Manager London

[Exploring Sydney, Australia]

I’ve tried to stay humble, share kindness as often as I can and try to spread humour and happiness. I never dreamed that I’d have some of the adventures I’ve had both as a (self financed) traveller and as a press guest.

That’s the beauty of having this corner of the internet – it’s a self fulfilling adventure magnet.

Adventures of a London Kiwi Food and Travel blog

I’ve followed my curiosity to ancient British Beltane ceremonies, to French bakeries with warm from the oven pain au chocolat, to swimming in an infamous infinity pool on the 57th floor of a hotel in Singapore.

English Sparkling Wine Tinwood Estate

[Tinwood Estate, Kent Vinyard]

I wrote this a long time ago, and it still stands. “I look back at old posts and I grimace. Heck, I look at recent posts and I still grimace, but I grimace vaguely less often which is quite some feat considering I don’t in any way consider my blatherings to be proper writing. Maybe my photographs are improving. Whew.”

What to do in Grenada

[Grenada, The Caribbean]

I’m just me. Some things will never change. Lots of things will. I’ll keep adventuring, carving out my own random path, going on adventures great and small, to destinations that capture my imagination and sate my curiosity.

Travelling the World by Plate

That’s Adventures of a London Kiwi. My travel blog origin story, a battle between SEO and imagination.

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