Celebrating a Big Freelance Anniversary 4 Years!

I’m so very happy to be here celebrating my 4th freelance anniversary as a fulltime social media consultant. How do you sum up a whirlwind of 4 years? Well, it’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made. 
Celebrating a Big Freelance Anniversary: 4 Years!
I’m so proud to say that I’ve built my business from scratch; over the years I’ve worked with national companies & international charities, had photography/content jobs commissioned by amazing London restaurants, helped some incredible small businesses bursting with passion, grown my blog, the business has navigated a global pandemic – oh, and I’ve travelled the world in the meantime. 

Every day is different, and I love working for myself. I’ve found my client sweet spot, have a diverse portfolio which makes life so interesting, I charge according to my experience and the needs of the client with measurable, provable value – and all of the clients I work with have such heart.
Celebrating a Big Freelance Anniversary: 4 Years!
I’m thrilled to say that I’ve had organic posts go viral (reaching 1.2 million people with 38k comments and counting), generated clients sustainable high-end commissions, run paid campaigns with fantastic results & had compliments from in-house people at Facebook and Pinterest. It’s amazing how a variety of my skills have come together helping so many areas of my business. Design, content creation, marketing strategy, analytics, book keeping, customer service… it’s all come together beautifully. 
I have an amazing tribe of freelancers around me; they are cheerleaders, commiserators, always up for a laugh, incredibly easy to lure out for a working date/cocktails and are kind enough to put up with my jokes.
Celebrating a Big Freelance Anniversary: 4 Years!
I’ve learnt SO much. Anyone who doesn’t think they’ll learn in a process like this is a fool, and I’m so glad that I’ve learned to trust my gut instinct, backing it up with solid experience and ongoing certifications. I’ve also been able to pass forward so much of what I’ve learned. freelance anniversary 4 years
The last year in many respects has been tumultuous, but my business has weathered the storm really well (I never thought I’d be doing crisis comms quite like these) – in fact over lockdown I’ve co-launched a second complimentary business, The Social Media Tini, teaching small businesses and influencers how to supercharge their own social media platforms, teaching up to 100 people at a time, in both paid and free classes.
Celebrating a Big Freelance Anniversary: 4 Years!
I’ve shared some of my business milestones and lessons along the way:

3 months into my freelance journey (sorry for the cliche, but it is definitely a journey!) I couldn’t quite believe that I was a (MacBook wielding, coffee drinking, flatly photographing, stereotype embodying) freelancer, running my own business and helping other professionals market their wares as a social media manager. Half a year along, I had started the long process of discovering what my own strengths and weaknesses really are as a girlbossbusinesswoman. (I also learned that I don’t really like the term girlboss – it seems a little demeaning though it’s meant to be empowering.) 9 months in it still felt like only yesterday that I handed my notice in, after months of indecision, planning, list making, counting down and then rejoicing at how right my decision felt.

Freelance Social Media Manager LondonA year into this adventure, I, quote, “actually can’t believe I’m writing this. I’ve managed to survive 12 months as a freelancer, and I’m grinning from ear to ear as we raise a champagne toast to a thriving business. Launching a small business, let alone one specialising in social media was never a career path I ever could have imagined for myself, and yet here I am.” 18 months along I wrote all about how I still loved the freedom, the challenges, the clients that I work with, the creativity it allows me, the spreadsheets I have to wrangle, ticking off my multiple to-do lists, meeting passionate new people and having a furry Tabby cat as my Executive Assistant. (2 years in, she was promoted to the boss, which left me scratching my head. 3 years in she handed the baton over to my current Chief Furry Officer.) 

18 Month Freelance Anniversary Social Media Manager Adventures of a London KiwiI’ve learned so much, and I know that I’ll keep on learning as I continue. Trusting my gut feeling, making sure to keep upskilling, not being afraid, talking decisions through, not getting too stuck in my own head and knowing when the right moments are to push – all lessons that I’m learning and I’ll continue to whilst doing social media management and photography.

Celebrating a Big Freelance Anniversary: 4 Years!


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