A Post-Lockdown Reverse London Bucket List

Because I’m really cool (not, we all know this) I’ve decided to turn our Travel Linkup topic of a travel bucket-list upside down – handle to the ground if you will – and linger a little on some of the lovely, lovely moments I’ve been pining for. A Post-Lockdown Reverse London Bucket List if you will/need a grandly titled collection.

Reverse London Bucket List

All this time we’ve been stuck at home, with seemingly unending cold dreary days of rain and far too much TV, it’s the simple things that I’ve been craving.

Sure, a simple sun-soaked trip to the Mediterranean coast would be amazing, but my expectations have very much been shaped by what’s possible at the moment; and with all the Covid travel restrictions it’s just not. In brighter news however, I’ve just had my second vaccine, our whole UK family are in the double club and NZ family are starting to have theirs as well.

Reverse London Bucket List

I’ve loved lingering on strolls through the leafy boughs of Green Park and then joining a good mate and her ridiculously cute son for a tea cup clinking session overlooking the London skyline.

Reverse London Bucket List

Joining expat fam for a dinner in an actual restaurant sans all screens unlike our regular themed lockdown dinners was an absolute joy. We even tentatively started to possibly make some UK travel plans, so watch this space.

Brunch. With a lovely person bringing us Flat Whites every time we’ve (nicely) asked. Sheer caffeinated joy.

Reverse London Bucket List

Sipping champagne & enjoying afternoon tea in a beautiful hotel whilst a friend and I natter for 3+ hours, before going cat hunting. Lilibet, we will pat you one day…

Reverse London Bucket List

Sitting alone for a quiet half hour on the beach with only a few people in eyesight, soaking up all the Vitamin Sea.

A surprise evening snoozing away in a four-poster bed.

Reverse London Bucket List

A delightful afternoon celebrating wins in a beautiful garden terrace, nibbling XXL toasties that have haunted me on social media and sipping Frosè, whilst a few very overdue Christmas presents & Grenadian chocolates were delivered.       Reverse London Bucket List  

All I need now is a Dim Sum feast, a sun-filled picnic (aka ‘blanket snack times’ according to James Acaster) somewhere ancient, rooftop cocktails and maybe sighting Tower Bridge in person for the first time in forever, would all be utterly delicious – and the perfect way to round out my reverse London bucket list. *Fires calendar & Whatsapp up*

How about you – what’s on your travel bucket list?

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