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I was so intrigued to read this recent list of UK restaurant hotspots 2021 – it features a collection of really interesting foodie cities, a few of which I’ve been lucky enough to visit already. The rest, they’ve moved straight up my ‘to visit’ list. Disclosure: this post was comissioned by CIA Landlord Insurance who have researched which cities have the top restaurant hotspots.

What to do long weekend Chester Cheshire Adventures of a London Kiwi

Interestingly, they found that the UK’s restaurant hotspot is not London, as many would expect, and to give you an idea, Chester was ranked as the second best place in the UK, mostly due to having the highest percentage of Michelin star restaurants (2.2%). We’ve loved each of the UK restaurant hotspots on this list:

#2 – Chester

Chester is the first holiday I’ve ever booked through the power of Instagram alone. We had been looking for somewhere as a long weekend break (well, I say we, but I had actually been put on a travel ban which Mr Kiwi now mostly denies, his baby blues all innocent) when I spotted that a friend of mine had day-tripped up to Chester. It was beautiful.

What to do long weekend Chester Cheshire Adventures of a London Kiwi

#4 – Truro

When an intriguing proposition to review a bed & breakfast near Truro landed in my email inbox, I knew that it was all the excuse I needed to book in a long weekend and breathe in the fresh air of Cornwall, somewhere I’ve been meaning to explore forever. I didn’t quite expect to find such delicious meals in Truro

Where to stay Cornwall The Old Vicarage St Clements Adventures of a London Kiwi

#5 – Winchester

At only an hour or so by train from Waterloo Station, Winchester is a perfect day out from London. It has good food, little windy cobbled lanes, good shopping, a great selection of restaurants, fascinating history and good brunch. (You’ll note the food to tourist activity destination ratio there, it’s quite intentional…)

Winchester Day Trip

#8 – Chichester

With sparkling wine vineyards, delectable pubs tucked away in valleys and being lucky enough to have a personal local guide around the area, I loved my visit to Chichester

Things to do in Chichester

#9 – Belfast

Every couple of years Mr Kiwi and get ourselves organised enough to book a long weekend listening to tunes and eating great food with our favourite Belfast-based friends. We hop on a Friday night flight, stock up on a few bottles of beer, spin a few records (the sound quality is simply amazing – though I’m always amazed to be allowed into the man-cave) and bookmark a couple of activities in between the terrible jokes that abound.

Belfast Titanic Museum Adventures of a London Kiwi

#10 – Bath

I love Bath every time we visit (and adore taking visitors there). The honey coloured Georgian Terraces, the fascinating history, the infamous Sally Lunn Buns, the canals, the fact that it’s a day trip from London, ther Christmas Bauble shop… just everything. I’m so thrilled Bath made into the top 10 of UK Restaurant Hotspots as a well deserved entry.

Aztec Hotel and Spa Bristol Bath Adventures of a London Kiwi

To calculate your score, find the entire list by CIA Landlord Insurance here (not to mention the cities that made it into the bottom 10 in the UK, and a plethora of delicious European cities.

What’s your visit score?

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