5 of my Favourite Sky-high Hotel Spas and Pools

I just had to share 5 of my favourite sky-high hotel spas and pools as I’ve been dreaming about past travels recently.

A Luxury stay at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel Infinity Pool Singapore Adventures of a London Kiwi

They’re all favourites for a variety of reasons – lovely hotels with great memories attached both here in England and across the globe.

King Street Townhouse, Manchester, England

The skyline spa pool caught my attention each time that my friends stayed at the King Street Townhouse – and the way they raved after their stay only made me dream about it longer. I’ve always prided myself on living life to the full, but over the years I’ve definitely said ‘oh, we’ll do that one day…’ much too often. This was a case in point.

Luxury Hotels in Manchester King Street Townhouse Sky-high Hotel Spas and Pools

Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney, Australia

With room service breakfast ordered, a few lazy laps in the rooftop pool and a spell in the hot tub; to say my stay at the Four Seasons Hotel in the centre of Sydney was restful is an understatement.

Four Seasons Hotel Sydney Sky-high Hotel Spas and Pools

Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall, England

Ok, technically this is a clifftop hotel hot tub, but the Scarlet Hotel is too gorgeous not to… Sitting peacefully listening to the waves on the beach below, watching birds repair their winter worn nests, the cool air on my shoulders and a hot pot of fresh mint tea aromatically drifting on the breeze, I felt like the real world was a million miles away from our hotel in Cornwall.

Luxury Hotel Cornwall The Scarlet Newquay

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

With one of the most iconic sky-high hotel spas and pools, this Singapore icon was a dream stay. Setting my alarm early, I threw my swimsuit and robe on and made my way back up to the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands. Watching the sun break over the horizon from a hot tub was pure bliss. There was a soft warm breeze before the day really heated up, so I made my way over to the pool for a few lazy laps. Delicious.

A Luxury stay at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel Infinity Pool Singapore Adventures of a London Kiwi  

True Blue Bay, Grenada

Technically this pool isn’t sky-high, but keep scrolling for the gorgeous Caribbean harbour view…

Grenada Adventures of a London Kiwi

…oh, and did I mention the rum bar?

Grenada-Caribbean-The-Island-of-Spice Sky-high Hotel Spas and Pools

To make up for the earth based pool view, may I present the:

Thermae Spa, Bath, England

It’s not attached to any particular hotel, but the view from the Thermae Spa in Bath is utterly breathtaking. So much so I’ve been several times and are planning yet another twilight visit. This isn’t my photo – any time I’ve visited the multi-level spa I’m strictly throwing a bathrobe & swimsuit on immediately and ditching the phone.

Thermae Spa Bath

Now to book another beautiful stay or two that have sky-high hotel spas and pools…! Most of these hotels are available on booking.com * NB: affiliate link*

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