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Do you need this guide filled with Christmas gifts for coffee lovers? If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then you definitely do. Does your loved one own a coffee mug that says ‘don’t talk to me until my coffee gets to *this* level’? Do they sneer at a particular cafe chain with a green mermaid logo? Is their kitchen bench covered in a litany of scales, filters, glass canisters and grinders? Do they order tea in cafes they’re not convinced will do a good brew? Then yes. Yes you do.

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Give a coffee addict a delicious version of their favourite beverage and they will love you forever (or until the beans run out.) The most obsessed caffeine addicts will have a bean grinder at home for the very freshest brew, so make sure to check what equipment they have before buying. I’ve tried and loved all of the below – they’re all available via post (many of these I discovered during lockdown.)

Kiss the Hippo | Donna Blend

The Donna Espresso Blend is Kiss the Hippo’s nod towards a more traditional coffee flavour, and I adore it. First, they find coffees that have the inherent characteristics of deep chocolate, with low acidity and lots of body. They then roast a little darker than their other coffees, to the point where the natural sugars are browned to a dark caramel quality. Donna tastes robust and strong but still allows the natural characteristics of the Brazil Minas Gerais and Colombia Popayán to shine through. This is one of my FAVOURITE brews. I love them so much that I realised that I left the empty packet tucked into my coffee cupboard with the below note to remind future myself – they also do a nice decaf.

Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Obelisk Coffee | Jabiru

Company founder, Rodney (a fellow Kiwi), built a passion for roasting coffee after buying a Behmor roaster in 2014. This purchase was fuelled by the frustration of being unable to find fresh roasted, high quality coffee in his local area. Since then, finding fresh coffee has never been a problem!! He does a gorgeous Guatemalan “Jabiru” – and offers a sampler-style selection box which I thought was fantastic.

Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Horni Rhino | Horni Espresso

HORNi was set up in 2019 by international charity Helping Rhinos, to provide products and safaris which could raise money for their vital work. 100% of our profit is used to help provide a sustainable future for endangered rhino across Africa. But not only this, they make a smooth, scrumptious espresso. I can’t wait to buy this again.

Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

The Brew Company | Advent Calendar

Not sure what coffee they like? This coffee advent calendar is the answer. Honestly, it was this review by RMH that sold it for me: “This was bought for my coffee loving fiancé and he has absolutely loved it! Quote, “this is the best advent calendar I have ever had”. Please know, dear reader of this review, that last year I made him a homemade advent calendar – 24 individually wrapped and specially chosen gifts assembled on the bookcase… This advent calendar apparently tops that. So whilst I may give it a jealous kick as I walk into our living room it has certainly given him something to look forward to each day, especially with him working from home. Putting my grudge aside it is well packaged, very good value for money, if you consider that a costa coffee can rarely be bought for less than £2 and all the packaging is recyclable. I have been treated to a daily report of strength and flavour and what rate he would give it! It has in short been a very pleasant season of advent (for him). PS – He has just said he loved last years advent calendar too!” Shop around as various places have great offers.


Urban Baristas | Byron Bay Filter

I discovered Urban Baristas on an Aussie Facebook group (I was doing some crowd-sourced research on the best Aussie cafes in London and the best Kiwi cafes in London (I needed to make sure I hadn’t missed any) – and you know how obssessed with a good coffee us antipodean expats are.) I like this as a latte, but I adore it even more as a iced latte (but no need for ice actually) – it’s a great addition to both my cupboard and this list of gifts for coffee lovers.

Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Crosstown | Christmas Blend

Fun fact, I almost justified ordering half a dozen doughnuts in order to try this delectable coffee. Would it have been worth it? Yeah it would.

Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Volcano Coffee Roasters

Not sure how adventurous their palette is? Get them a  Gift Set – or support their Crisis Charity initiative by buying this exclusive blend to enjoy at home and they will donate 15% of the price directly to supporting Crisis and the ‘Home For All Campaign’. Kiwi legends IMHO.

  Single Origin Coffees Xmas Set

Personally, I’d steer away from buying coffee kit unless you know EXACTLY what they’d like. You could however buy them an epic, personalised coffee mug – you know that will always be used & appreciated.

Many of these brands have really put a lot of thought and effort into the packaging both keeping the flavour fresh and being recyclable – check out the individual websites for more info than I have pre-coffee as I write this list of gifts for coffee lovers, because I am nothing if not method.

What’s your favourite hot beverage? It’s coffee, right?

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