There are certain cities that have an addictive, mysterious joie de vivre to them. Amsterdam sits firmly on that shortlist. Please excuse the somewhat clickbait style post title, but I was at a bit of a loss how to describe our most recent city break there. A good friend of ours (he and his family live in Japan) found himself in Europe, and really fancied finally exploring Amsterdam. 

So, we’ve only been there once, but based on what we saw over our four days, and a few online and offline requests here’s a lightening quick set of ideas and a few tips we picked up whilst staying in late September. Transport Amsterdam isn’t huge. See that random line I’ve added through the centre of the below map from the train station? The first near Bloemmarkt is about 10 minutes on the tram, and… View Post

I think it’s safe to say that we loved our 4-day weekend in Amsterdam. With unseasonably good weather, we spent our time exploring their local lives in the rose-tinted spectacle way that only tourists can. We love to enjoy the stereotypical tourist trails featuring canals, tulips, windmills and clogs, but also love straying of the beaten track (in fact when holidaying anywhere I normally Google search “quirky things to do in <insert city name>” in… View Post

Trust me ok, hear me out (and yep you read the title correctly). Whilst we visited the the wonderful national museums; the ornate Rijksmuseum and the fascinating Van Gogh museum, we also decided to stray a touch off the beaten path. Y’all know we have our own wee moggy, and are as obsessed as most ‘fur parents’ are, but the KattenKabinet aka Cat Museum was another level entirely. The ‘museum’ consists of three or so… View Post

Stroopwaffels (waffles sandwiched with toffee), hagelslag (chocolate toast sprinkles that melt) and herring were the only flavours I’ve ever associated with Holland – flavours that are scrumptious enough, but there are so, so many more. We always find eating abroad the hardest, and best problem of travelling. How do you balance flavour, cost and not knowing anything about the quality where you could eat? We’ve started a tradition of hunting out foodie walking tours in new… View Post