10 of the best cat cafes in the world

I have a confession to make. I have a full blown cat addiction, and, I’m not even sorry. Those soft little ears, twitching tails and indifferent faces cast a spell that have us dashing around the globe and visiting enough cat cafes to have a shortlist of 10 of the best cat cafes in the world. All the while a sleepy little tabby cat snoozes at home in London… Once we’ve booked flights and perused… View Post

How to balance work, life and blogging: tips, tricks and essential life hacks

Balance. Ahhh, that elusive nirvana. I get asked all the time for tips on how to balance work, life and blogging, so I’ve put together my most valuable hard-learned lessons, genuinely time-saving tips and honest practicalities into one, single blog post instead of many wine-fuelled conversations. Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post contain affiliate links. If you buy an item after clicking on one, I receive a small commission at no extra cost… View Post

The Ultimate New Zealand Roadtrip: The North Island Edition

Aoteoroa, Land of the Long White Cloud, God’s Own. New Zealand is known by many names, including ‘home’ for me. At least once in your life, you must do a North Island road trip. With gorgeous waterfalls, geothermic oddities, amazing beaches, snoozing volcanoes – the North Island is gorgeous, but it often plays second fiddle to the glory of the South Island.  What qualifies me as an insider? I’m a born and bred North Island… View Post

Recent Adventures in New Zealand

There is nothing more precious than time. When I’m home in New Zealand, my main focus is spending quality time with my family and friends, but they are sweet enough to indulge my insatiable curiosity about our nation and we end up exploring in between coffees. My home country is astonishingly beautiful, exceedingly friendly, full of easy-going locals and, unfortunately, literally on the other side of the world from my adopted home, so every moment,… View Post

That time we went out for brunch and accidentally hiked the Rangitoto volcano crater

Nothing seems to surprise my husband anymore. I must come out with ridiculous scenarios so regularly now, he doesn’t even lift an eyebrow. Case in point, when I video called him from New Zealand. (He knew I was in NZ by the way, my whereabouts haven’t become that surprising. Yet.) “How was your day?” ‘Good thanks, we went out for brunch with Ginni and Alice, and then hiked up a volcano crater.’ “That’s nice dear.… View Post