Bletchley Park – World War Two, secrets, code cracking and Alan Turing (2.0)

Last Monday we began enthusing about a day trip we took to Bletchley Park. A mansion house with enigmatic links to World War Two, codecracking and Alan Turing – not to mention Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightly’s performance in The Imitation Game – we fell in love with this home of nerdvana. During the war, German armies encoded every message with the aid of an Enigma machine – thanks to a series of lettered rotors,… View Post

Bletchley Park: World War Two, secrets, code cracking and Alan Turing

Bletchley Park has been on my ‘must do list’ for far too long. The crazily designed mansion house, the World War Two secrets, code cracking and Alan Turing connection – just all of it. I must have said to myself a hundred times ‘right, this weekend we go’ before being overwelmed with a hundred excuses – other tasty offers, causes for procrastinating about chores or simply a dismal grey rainy day. Why oh why didn’t… View Post

10 Quirky Day Trips From London (That you can easily turn into weekends away)

People often worry that to be a travel blogger they have to jet off to all corners of the world every weekend or they won’t have enough content. Well, to that I say phooey. There are so many amazing quirky day trips from London that you can take in England (even turning them into leisurely weekends away.) This isle has wizards, giants, knights, princes, castles, Raven warders and ancient stories that never cease to amaze. It… View Post

Where to eat and drink in Chelsea – 10 of my favourite places

Chelsea began life as a Saxon village some miles from the thriving town of London (the name derives from Saxon words cealc hythe, the word hythe meaning a landing place for boats) and has long been a sought-after area. So sought after that in 1536 Henry VIII built a manor house in Chelsea but it was demolished in 1760. Disclaimer: Any of these that I was a press guest at some point are indicated with… View Post

A delicious staycation: The Vicarage in Cheshire

The Vicarage, a hotel in the small Cheshire of village of Holmes Chapel intrigued us. Identifying itself as ‘a restaurant with rooms’ we couldn’t resist testing out their foodie credentials, so for the last night of our Chester staycation we hopped back into the train and shot out into the countryside.