Able Sea-Cat Simon

My heart was broken this week by a weathered, whiskery old Sailor. His name was Simon, and served gallantly aboard the HMS Amethyst at times under heavy fire in turbulent seas during World War II. Regarded as very lucky by sailors, cats were welcomed on board many early ships for their rat hunting skills as well as their cute faces (I may be slightly paraphrasing here). Simon was picked up off the Hong Kong docks… View Post

One of the best walks in London | Chelsea to Marylebone Station

Once upon a time, a young kiwi lass moved to one of the most enchanting cities in the world. Fast forward more than a decade, and she still takes the time to stroll some of the best walks in London, breathing in the wonder of the city, wandering along the smaller side roads, marvelling at the history they hold. This Kiwi, she [will subequently switch to a first person narrative voice, don’t worry] often skips… View Post

Sea Containers Hotel on the Southbank: A London Staycation

It probably sounds a bit random that we love a London staycation, but actually it’s many of the best things about travelling without the frustrating downsides. It was the Mr’s turn to pick, and as he fancied a modern stay, we picked the Sea Containers Hotel on the Southbank. I’ve popped in a few times for cocktails with friends (at this Mr Kiwi rolled his eyes ‘of course you’ve been here before’) but it was… View Post

What do to in Rotterdam (If you like Architecture and Cats)

I’ve wanted to explore more of the Netherlands than just Amsterdam – this list of what to do in Rotterdam is heavily edited for my own interests of cats and architecture.… View Post

What to do in North Devon | A Beautiful Seaside Break

We road tripped down to North Devon, two sun seekers aching for the sound of the ocean and the uncomplicated clink of a sunset glass of bubbles. I can’t pretend to be any expert on what to do in North Devon – but luckily my friend has been holidaying there since she was a child. We deliberately kept our Devon days loose – to fit in lazy lie-ins, long breakfasts overlooking the oceans, lots of… View Post