Eating at the luxurious Bovey Castle Hotel – Codename: OperationDon’tTellAftab

They say an army marches on its stomach, attesting to the importance of forces being well-provisioned, but when this phrase was invented they hadn’t quite encountered the voracious appetites of 4 particularly travel obsessed food bloggers. Having organised a night at Bovey Castle escaping the confines of London for a few belated birthday celebrations, we made sure to enthusiastically test their onsite restaurant offerings, not least as we were a 40 minute drive from Exeter St Davids.… View Post

Our stay at the luxurious Bovey Castle Hotel – Codename: OperationDon’tTellAftab

Many moons ago, in the distant realm of Devon, a shire far far away from the steel and glass towers of Londinium (about 2.5 hours by iron horse) a gallant Fresh Prince was fearlessly escorted by 3 Princesses (take THAT mansplaining!) to a beautiful stone castle snug in the wild valleys of Dartmoor. We think he may have liked it? But, let’s rewind a month or three. *bing* “For Aftab’s Birthday shall we kidnap him?… View Post

The Belfry Hotel and Resort | Birmingham

Because this is a safe, honest corner of the internet, I’m going to level with you. I didn’t quite realise just how special The Belfry Hotel and Resort was until my husband and brother-in-law found out where we were going for a girls weekend. [Disclosure: we were guests of the Belfry but all argyle diamond knitwear clad enthusings are very much my own.]     The Belfry is an award-winning hotel and resort with a modern spa… View Post

A day at Calcot Manor, Gloucestershire

Isn’t it funny how sometimes time crawls to a stop, a pace worthy of a teenage snail having to do chores, but at other times it gallops faster than a Grand National winner crossing the finish line? Case in point: when we found out that Polly was coming home for Christmas from Qatar, it seemed to take forever for those months to crawl past, and yet the half dozen or so hours that we spent chatting… View Post

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

I always spend the last post of the year looking back over the previous 365 days. I think it’s important to remember where we’ve come from, as much as we look forward to where we are going. This is the year that I quit my job and launched a business, it’s the year that I did a cross-globe four-country trip on my own (but hung out with and stayed with good friends and wonderful family… View Post