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    My Dream UK Roadtrip | Sponsored by Bailey of Bristol

    You know how you have Travel Dreams (those ones complete with capital letters) that you keep tucked away in your heart of hearts? Well, although we’re currently on lockdown in the UK and unable to take a trip at the moment, there’s nothing to stop us from planning and dreaming about getting out on the open road when the time is right. Disclosure: This post was commissioned by Bailey of Bristol who have been manufacturing caravans and motorhomes in Bristol since 1948.

    UK Roadtrip

    Use a little downtime to open that box of Jaffa cakes and an enormous map and start following those B-roads in your mind to create the UK roadtrip of dreams.
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    Aztec Hotel and Spa Bristol: A Private Dining Experience

    When a mysterious invite landed in my email inbox, asking if I’d like to attend a private dining experience at the Aztec Hotel and Spa tucked just between Bristol and Bath, I was intrigued to say the least. 

    Aztec Hotel and Spa Bristol Bath Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Disclaimer: We were invited guests of Aztec Hotel and Spa, & the lovely Private Dining London team, but my images and words are all very much my own.

    Using our overnight stay as an opportunity to explore Bristol again (the last time was around a decade ago though it seems like only a few months) we thoroughly enjoyed our moseying around the highlights of this nautical city.

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    48 hours in Bristol: Boats, Bridges, Brunch & Brunel

    Have you ever fancied 48 hours in Bristol? Over a decade ago when I explored the streets of Bristol on a weekend, the streets were slick with rain and it was long before we had Google maps guided our footsteps. A rain-drenched Kiwi wandered through the twirling lanes, with an England Lonely Planet guide in one hand and the other hand tucked in her pocket.

    What do to with 48 hours in Bristol Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Whilst I wandered all those years ago I still managed to fit in a few of the city highlights before I left on my train back to London, but I knew that I hadn’t quite captured the zeitgeist of this city.

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    If we were having coffee… a UK sunshine edition.

    If we were sitting down over a cup of joe, I would definitely be starting with something reviving – a cup of warm chai or a strong flat white, complete with perfectly executed foam heart. Cause that’s how I roll.

    Everyday Adventures of a London Kiwi

    I would tell you that’s been a relatively quiet month travel-wise, after a few very busy ones. And it’s been delightful. A gloriously sunny Easter weekend, a few long hours staring at my laptop (and starting with a new lovely client) and possibly a few too many cocktails.

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    A weekend staycation at Tewkesbury Park Hotel

    Sunrise slowly shimmered through the dawn fog and the soft twitter of birdsong spread across the valley. We were snugly nestled under our duvet, enjoying our weekend staycation at Tewkesbury Park Hotel, with a glorious view unfolding right at the foot of our bed. Disclaimer: We were invited to spend a weekend at Tewkesbury Park but all thoughts, images and curtain twitchings are very much my own.

    Where to stay in Gloucester Tewkesbury Park Hotel Adventures of a London Kiwi

    I always love staycationing (or taking a ‘minigap’ which seems to be the newest phrase) and exploring new corners of England that I haven’t yet traipsed to. 

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