Where to stay in Cappadocia: Our Goreme Cave Hotel

Choosing where to stay in Cappadocia was a tough decision. I’m not being hyper dramatic when I say that I probably spent more time choosing this hotel than I did when I was choosing a wedding dress – and in the end, I made a decision via the less than scientific method of asking Mr Kiwi for two favourites, and flipping a coin. (The hotel, not the dress.) I love staying in quirky hotels –… View Post

Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia: A Dreamlike Experience at Dawn

Our 100-foot tall hot air balloon floated above the ancient Turkish valleys filled with prehistoric stone edifices – and we just gazed in sheer wonder, 1,000 or so feet up in the sky. What I felt as we silently drifted above the pastel horizon while the sun slowly broke, is actually rather hard to express. Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia. Part of me thought that those images of hundreds of balloons drifting in the pre-dawn light… View Post

Our Favourite Things to do in Goreme, Cappadocia

Ok, I’ll admit it. I was initially enticed to Goreme by the visions of hot air balloons silently floating above the ancient Turkish horizons. But, once we began researching our trip, I was intrigued by all of the things to do in Goreme and surrounding towns. Disclaimer: Contains an affiliate link which doesn’t cost you anything. Rich with history, natural beauty and perfectly set up for exploring, our tour guide told us all about how Goreme… View Post

Impressions of Cappadocia and Istanbul

I’ve always dreamed of exploring Turkey. My fascination began in High School when I learned about the Byzantine capital of Constantinople (now called Istanbul) through the ancient empire building of Alexander the Great. (I was struggling to find the words to share our trip to Turkey, so I thought I’d begin with my impressions of Cappadocia and Istanbul.) We began our trip in Goreme (after landing in Istanbul for the night and then catching an internal… View Post

Practical Gifts for Photographers (and Enthusiastic Content Creators)

I’ve written small business/charity gift guides for a few years, but this year I’m going to add one to the a list – practical gifts for photographers (not to mention enthusiastic content creators and social media managers.) I know that bloggers writing gift guides close to Christmas is a well worn trope, but over the years I’ve actually found some them incredibly helpful. I certainly wouldn’t call myself a professional photographer (though I’ve technically been… View Post