Ceremony of the Keys, The Tower of London

Some of the best things in life are free. Additionally (and somewhat surprisingly) some of the best (perma)tourist secrets are free. Take for example: climbing to see Big Ben, fantastic Museums such as the Tate Modern and the V&A, and getting to hold a gold bar at the Bank of England. I’ve recently discovered another one – the 700 year old Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. You know I love the Tower… View Post

72 hours in Gibraltar – Sunshine, Rock Stars and Monkeys

We booked our 72 hours in Gibraltar without any expectations. If I’m entirely honest, I didn’t know very much about Gibraltar other than the history as a disputed territory, that there are a lot of monkeys, it has a huge rock and it’s a perfect place to catch some winter sun. I’m becoming more of a spontaneous traveller – my friend and I booked the destination on a whim, and that ended up being the theme… View Post

The Ultimate London Bucket List | Insiders Edition | Sponsored by Keith Prowse

Over the years I’ve made it a mission to explore as many unique London nooks and crannies as I can, and yet I’ve never actually put them altogether and written an ultimate London bucket list. So, without further ado – or more fluffy pre-amble – here it is! Disclosure: This post was commissioned by Keith Prowse, the official hospitality provider for many iconic venues and stadiums across the country including Wimbledon hospitality 2020. Living in London… View Post

8 inspirational UNESCO sites around the world

UNESCO is a club that all of the famous world heritages sites want to get into. Think of the listing as the glittery lip gloss worn by the popular schoolyard kids, only it applies to gloriously dusty buildings instead. I came to England intent on exploring the architecture of Europe, and haven’t done too badly over the years with my collection of UNESCO favourites. It’s one of my 101 in 1001 days goals to visit… View Post

The Tower Hotel (by the Guoman team) and the best dinner view in all of London

Let’s be frank – though true of every city – the longer you live in London, the more passe it can sometimes get. Call it old (bowler) hat, but there can come a time where you’re in a cab speeding past Big Ben and rather than admiring how stunning Westminster Bridge looks at twilight, all you’re thinking is about how late you’re going to be… But, even after all the years of living in London,… View Post