Dear planning shy travellers, Cologne in Germany is the perfect destination for a long weekend city break. (Nb: I write Cologne, Germany to ensure that the whole London/Tower Bridge confusion doesn’t happen – years and years ago an American millionaire thought he’d bought the beautiful Tower Bridge, but actually bought the rather more plain London Bridge and transported every stone all the way to the desert in the US…)

I simultaneously adore and loathe surprises. WowTrip wanted to send a group of us travel addicts bloggers to a surprise holiday destination, and I was curious to see how I as a type-A organiser would cope with it. Disclaimer: We were invited guests of WowTrip but my images and words are all very much my own. It couldn’t have been easier – we selected a date we could all do, sent over our passport & contact details and let… View Post

2018 has been full of travel, adventures, bad hairstyles in photos and explorations. My first couple of months were concentrated on building my business and scooting around London (fitting in a few bits of London sightseeing and restaurant visits) before we flew to Romania for a week to explore the Transylvanian castles and political history of Bucharest. I fitted in a cheeky solo beach break in Bournemouth in the middle of a busy project, I explored… View Post

During our week in Salzburg, we decided that a couple of nights in an Austrian lake retreat was in order – we just wanted a little peace and quiet in an out-of-the-way nook. Furiously Google researching before we left, I hatched a plan to hop on the coaches that serve the towns dotted around Austria, and after boarding we merrily watched the countryside gradually change before our eyes over the 45-minute journey.

One of the joys of London, is the abitilty to easily escape to other nearby European cities. In around about the same time as it would take to catch the train to Oxford or Birmingham, we found ourselves alighting in the waffle capital of the world.     Brussels misses out on tourist accolades, having to compete with big hitters like Paris, Cologne, Berlin & Barcelona, so going for a long weekend we just planned… View Post