9 reasons why you should road trip around Corfu | Sponsored By EasyTerra

The flexibility of hiring a car in a new travel destination is utterly freeing, especially on an island that’s as wild and beautiful as Corfu. The azure skies, golden beaches, ancient architecture, jaw-dropping corners and friendly locals are all excellent reasons as to why you should roadtrip around Corfu. Disclaimer: This post was commissioned by EasyTerra who make it super straightforward to compare and hire a car in Greece, not to mention other countries around the world. Over… View Post

The best things to do in Corfu

3 things inspired our ladies long weekend on the Greek island of Corfu; a keening for off-season sunshine, a childhood full of ancient myths, and, well, Instagram – let’s keep things properly millennial and real here. Whilst we were there, we visited some really interesting corners and coves of the island – inspiring this list of the best things to do in Corfu (a much-requested travel blog post!) When you slip around hairpin corners to jaw-dropping… View Post

9 Travel Quotes Inspiring Me | Free Phone Wallpapers

Words are incredibly powerful; the flourish of a pen has the power to topple ancient towers, uplift melancholic spirits and transport us to distant galaxies. I’ve been sharing a few phrases on social that have lifted my spirits lately, so I thought I’d also share 9 travel quotes inspiring me, which you can download as a phone wallpaper or slip into your Pinterest boards. They always make me smile. Every adventure starts somehow with a… View Post


First and foremost my blog is a journal. An online journal that has become a treasure box of memories, tips that I hope will be helpful and my online baby which has given me the impetus to learn a plethora of new skills. In that spirit, Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020! This little blog post is a throwback to the year that was. 2019 has been quite the year work-wise; I’m so thankful to have a collection… View Post

Nine Amazing European City Breaks

My shortlist of nine amazing European City breaks was both incredibly hard to write and a lovely walk down memory lane – distilling all the sights and sounds over the years into just one list was tough. Honestly, I could have made this a 42 destination long post, but ain’t nobody gots time for that, amiright? So, on with the (potentially controversial) shortlist of amazing European city breaks.