A Delectable Sunday Roast at Bondi Green

In the midst of the last lockdown, the Radio Lamington Lammos were like a beacon of home to this homesick antipodean – so when we emerged, butterfly-like, it was only fair to balance them out with a steadfast British tradition; the delectable Sunday Roast at the newly opened Bondi Green in Paddington. [Disclosure: we were invited guests of Bondi Green – all gravy pouring love, enthusing over the cauli and sheer joy at being out… View Post

Ziggy Green Tacqueria – A Taste of Tulum in London

When we slipped onto the terrace to enjoy the Ziggy Green Taqueria menu, we were simply having too much fun to concentrate on anything but catching up… View Post

Beany Green, Liverpool Street Brunch review

Sometimes all you want to do is spend a morning in the sunshine with a friend. Living in London definitely has downsides, and one of them is most definitely trying to get a girly date in the diary with less than a month’s notice. Sometimes, though sometimes you get a hankering for a gossip, the stars align in an incredible way and after an afternoon of messaging, a golden date appears in the diary for… View Post

5 London Restaurant Boxes I have loved (and a dessert bonus)

Throughout the pandemic, restaurants have had to pivot and many have been offering dine-at-home options – and the Mr and I have absolutely delighted in trying them. From this testing, I thought I’d gather together my top 5 London restaurant boxes that deliver nationwide. (We’ve also been supporting local restaurants, but you probably don’t live in my neighbourhood so recommendations would be pointless…) I suspect many places will continue doing this into the future; I’m… View Post

10 of my favourite London restaurants and cafes still running in Lockdown 2.0

It’s grey, cold and we’re in the middle of a pandemic. It’s so lovely being able to order a treat from some of my favourite London restaurants and cafes still running in Lockdown 2.0. (Disclaimer: I’ve been a previous guest of some of these – but I’ve also been a paying customer.) As well as supporting our very local restaurants and small businesses. *cough* Vada Pav with Szechuan Cheese *cough*