Things to do in Dubrovnik | The Relaxation Edit

How on earth do I describe Dubrovnik in a way that sufficiently does the city justice and doesn’t just boil down to yet another ‘things to do in Dubrovnik’ blog post list?  When deciding where to go, we took our time researching and consulting friends who had been to the city for longer than just a cruise ship day offloading (a source of many visitors) and when a good friend suggested that if we go… View Post

9 Travel Quotes Inspiring Me | Free Phone Wallpapers

Words are incredibly powerful; the flourish of a pen has the power to topple ancient towers, uplift melancholic spirits and transport us to distant galaxies. I’ve been sharing a few phrases on social that have lifted my spirits lately, so I thought I’d also share 9 travel quotes inspiring me, which you can download as a phone wallpaper or slip into your Pinterest boards. They always make me smile. Every adventure starts somehow with a… View Post

Mostar And Kravice Waterfall | A Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Where do I even start with visiting Mostar and Kravice Waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina? It’s a beautiful, quite sobering and worthy day trip from Dubrovnik. Even on a cold, wet, grey day, they were special – I can only imagine how glorious they will be when the sun is shining.  I honestly never thought that it would be possible to safely visit the Balkan Peninsula. In 1991, Bosnia and Herzegovina joined several republics of the… View Post

If We Were Having Coffee | A Tropical Edition

Well, to be honest, November was equal turns surprising and amazing. So, I think I’d be having a rum punch in lieu of a coffee (or maybe a Jamaica Coffee – dark rum, coffee liqueur, coffee, heavy cream and coffee beans. But, I digress.)  It was rather destined to be lovely – Mr Kiwi and I had a holiday to Dubrovnik booked, missing all of their summer crowds, so we spent nearly a week exploring… View Post