Edinburgh #travelthursdays

Edinburgh holds a special place in my heart. It’s funky, uncompromising, unexpected and friendly. It’s also the place that hubby and I first travelled together. Not the world’s most challenging trip – straight up on the train from London – but in some ways it was. It’s perfect for a long weekend/city break. We hired somewhere central and cheerful to stay and basically wandered the city, going wherever the fancy took us.  Warning: these photos are… View Post

Glenskirlie House and Castle Hotel – Snoozing in a Scottish Castle

Weddings are magical – and even more so when they are held in a castle that’s nestled in the peaceful Scottish countryside. Glenskirlie House and Castle was the venue for a good friend’s wedding recently – and we celebrated the joining of their two families in an age-old handfasting that went on into the wee hours. (In total honesty I didn’t last all the way into the wee hours when the shots were broken out,… View Post

The Suffragette Centenary Procession 2018 (My London Diary)

Heart pounding to the rhythmic beat, suffragette banners held aloft with pride, and dressed in green, white and purple we strode through London. Tens of thousands of women processed through London to celebrate the UK centenary of giving (some) women the right to vote, and a few of us New Zealanders snuck in to celebrate reaching 125 years of the same milestone. My heart was in my mouth and a tear quietly in my eye… View Post

9 Things You Must Pack for a Winter Holiday

Ever wondered what you should pack for a winter holiday? As this posts, Mr Kiwi and I will have snuck away on a winter trip to Bucharest – and Jack Frost will be nipping at our toes. We’ve intentionally planned it so that we won’t be there for the full-on ski season (Prince Charles owns a house in the Transylvanian mountains) but chilled enough to have a load of delicious plans that will keep our… View Post

A Day Trip To The Birmingham Christmas Market.

We tried to visit last year but ran out of available December weekends and the Birmingham Christmas markets eluded our grasp. This year was a different story. Rounding us up like Rudolph gathering his sleigh of reindeer, but with Whatsapp rather than elf-dust, our esteemed organiser not only managed to secure a whole day that we all could do but book train tickets in as well. She cracked that tinsel covered whip… So, bright and early… View Post