Fischers, Marylebone Restaurant Review – a taste of Vienna

It is getting cold in London. Typical January weather – a bitter wind, occasionally icy rain and a flutter or two of snow dust. It isn’t arctic by any means, but after travels on the other side of the world the drop of 20°C + seems to be sitting in my bones. To add to this, the unbridled joy of Christmas has flown, and the rosy cheeked whisper of winter has taken possession of our… View Post

Home Dining by Corbin and King

An intriguing twist in life lately, has been bringing restaurants into our home instead of dining out. For months there has been no going out to eat but trying alternatives like the recently launched home dining by Corbin and King, which was delivered to us. [Disclosure: I was given these meals by Corbin and King but all opinions are very much my own.] We were delighted to peruse the menu with signature dishes from the Wolseley (a… View Post

St John’s Wood Restaurant Review: Soutine

There’s a special kind of magic when a group of people gather around a table – all the way from a humble cup of tea, through to intricate tasting menus that titillate the palates. Soutine is elegantly in the middle, a Parisien corner of Salon de thé, a St John’s Wood restaurant in a glorious period building. Disclaimer: We were invited guests of the newly opened Soutine but as ever, all dreamy pastel metaphors are very… View Post

My Ultimate List of Desserts in London

We all joke about bloggers having separate dessert stomachs – it’s a necessary job prerequisite – but as I sat here thinking about my next blog post, I realised that a) we didn’t have any dessert in the cupboards without getting my baking tins out,  b) I had a space in the blog calendar and c) I’d never actually thought about which of the London puddings have been my favourite. These are the ones that we’ve… View Post

My 13 best London dishes 2016

It’s that time of year. The week or so where we look back over our metaphorical shoulders and ponder on the successes, challenges and downright wrong turns of the last 12 months. As a foodie each year I think back over the best dishes I’ve enjoyed, and 2016 has been utterly delectable. London seems to be hitting her cuisine stride and 2017 is only going to get better. Brunch Best Bacon Sarnie – St John’s… View Post