Gambolling Through Ghent; A Wanderers Guide.

As a day trip from Brussels (only a half-hour train),  I’ve found that either many people haven’t heard of Ghent, preferring to explore the chocolate box streets of Bruges, or they adore Ghent so much that when a blogger (me) visits, they spam them via instastories with recollections of days spent there and memories made. True story. Disclosure: I was a press guest of VisitFlanders in Ghent, but all planning, mischief and thoughts are all mine.… View Post

A Gathering Of Gastronomic Suggestions In Ghent.

Eating frites smothered in mayonnaise, nibbling fresh waffles under a mountain of freshly whipped cream and drinking glasses of beer outside in the sunshine is practically inviolable law when visiting Belgium. (In fact, if you look under a microscope at your Belgian passport stamp ‘proost / à votre santé / prost’ may or may not be etched under the flag.) Disclosure: I was a press guest of VisitFlanders in Ghent, and our dinners were complimentary but all thoughts are… View Post

Getting Lost in Ghent, Belgium

From my hotel window, I can hear the sliding scales of a bluesy jazz saxophonist, children softly singing a nursery rhyme and the occasional tinkle of coffee cups from a nearby cafe. I should be parading around the town, hunting out all of the medieval gems with the keenness of a panther, but instead, as it’s a Saturday morning, I’ve simply snuggled in further into the covers (more like a house cat in truth). There… View Post

Travel Wishlists and 2018 Plans – January #Travellinkup

As I write this, we have no travel planned. Nada, zip, zilch, nothing. And that’s really exciting. 2017 was the first year that we actually (accidentally it must be said) ticked almost everything off our wishlist, so who knows what 2018 might bring… 2017 was awesome, travel-wise… We did more around London, explored Chester for a long relaxing weekend, tripped over to Canada for a very special wedding (that I’ve not blogged about yet somehow),… View Post

The Life of a Freelancer: A 6 Month Update.

I can’t believe I’ve been freelancing for 6 months now. It’s been 6 months as my own boss, 6 months learning my way around working directly with clients, 6 months of being able to set my own agenda and 6 whole months of learning to understand what my own strengths and weaknesses are as a girlboss businesswoman. This point was another marker, another waypoint in the journey, and I’m so pleased to have been developing… View Post