Returning to an old favourite restaurant like Le Garrick is like putting on a long-forgotten, beloved jumper. It’s cosy, delicious, fits a little differently but above all, has an underlying love of satisfaction so different to a newer garment. Disclaimer: We were invited guests of Le Garrick, but my (very many) opinions are only ever my own, and I would never recommend anywhere that I don’t happily visit. And revisit. Restaurants from all corners of the globe line… View Post

[Almost] Visiting Arundel Castle

I love castles. There’s something so magical about those majestic crenellations, the layers of history imbuing every stone and even the impractical draughty winding turrets (not to mention those gift schrubberies demanded by maraudering Knights*.) Sorry, I digress. Castles, yes, castles, this is a tale of how we spent an afternoon almost visiting Arundel Castle. There’s an old adage about treasuring the journey as well as the destination, and it was so true when we… View Post

5 Essential Items For Leaving The House | AD

It’s always fascinating to get a peak into other people’s lives, so I thought I’d share a 2021 version of ‘what’s in my bag’. In fact,  I boiled it down to the 5 essential items for leaving the house. Disclosure: this was commissioned by the team at Fogily, but genuinely I wish I’d discovered their product years ago. If you don’t wear glasses, I bet you know someone who will LOVE you for telling them… View Post

Festive Drinks for Christmas and New Years

Roll up, roll up, and welcome to the London Kiwi Lounge. We’re serving a litany of festive drinks for Christmas and New Years, all guaranteed to tempt you to sip a few glasses and linger in front of the fire (whether real flame or faux flickers – available on Youtube in a variety of choices.) [Disclosure: some of these were gifted.] There is something about winter that just calls for hearty, spiced drinks. They warm you… View Post

Practical Gifts for Photographers (and Enthusiastic Content Creators)

I’ve written small business/charity gift guides for a few years, but this year I’m going to add one to the a list – practical gifts for photographers (not to mention enthusiastic content creators and social media managers.) I know that bloggers writing gift guides close to Christmas is a well worn trope, but over the years I’ve actually found some them incredibly helpful. I certainly wouldn’t call myself a professional photographer (though I’ve technically been… View Post