What to do in Grenada | Adventures on the Caribbean Spice Isle

Wondering what to do in Grenada? Well, that is between lazing on one of the 45+ beaches and slipping to the nearest bar to try their unique rum punch… Follow me to a magical island, one full of exotic aroma, filled with laughter and the perfect place to adventure. Disclaimer: We were guests of Pure Grenada, the national tourism board, but all enthusing and rum cocktail enjoyment is very much my own. Before you start reading this… View Post

Where to stay in Grenada | The True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

Want to know where to stay in Grenada? True Blue Bay is something rather unique – a boutique resort on the island of Grenada, replete with Dodgy Dock overlooking a marina, a rum shack, friendly resident cats, a litany of nooks to sip cocktails in and the unique sound of tree frogs that croaked through the night. Disclaimer: We were guests of Pure Grenada and True Blue Bay, but all enthusing and rum cocktail enjoyment is very… View Post

Grenada, the Caribbean Island of Spice [Pronounced Grin-AY-da]

Words can’t really describe how much I was looking forward to escaping the dreary English winter for the tropical Caribbean island shores of Grenada. I was already fed up of getting caught in the icy rain and shrugging on layers of heavy clothing – and it was only the very start of the coldest season of the year. Disclaimer: We were guests of Pure Grenada, the national tourism board, but all enthusing and rum cocktail enjoyment… View Post

9 Travel Quotes Inspiring Me | Free Phone Wallpapers

Words are incredibly powerful; the flourish of a pen has the power to topple ancient towers, uplift melancholic spirits and transport us to distant galaxies. I’ve been sharing a few phrases on social that have lifted my spirits lately, so I thought I’d also share 9 travel quotes inspiring me, which you can download as a phone wallpaper or slip into your Pinterest boards. They always make me smile. Every adventure starts somehow with a… View Post

9 ways to travel at home (when you can’t go out)

I was dozing on the couch, soaking in the sunshine pouring through the windows, and hazily an idea surfaced. I remembered that even though we’re staying safe (and keeping those we love safer) by not going out, there are definitely ways to travel whilst at home. Travel is a welcome distraction from worry, something that brings joy – and if you’ve got children, a good way to explore the world and teach them about other… View Post