Roadtripping through the Scottish Highlands

If you are undecided about road tripping through the Scottish Highlands, just go. Simply get in a car, add a bottle or two of wine for an evening, a couple of snacks, good company and a GPS.  That’s all you need for an amazing journey of awe-inspiring landscapes, curious beauty and quirky discoveries.

9 Travel Quotes Inspiring Me | Free Phone Wallpapers

Words are incredibly powerful; the flourish of a pen has the power to topple ancient towers, uplift melancholic spirits and transport us to distant galaxies. I’ve been sharing a few phrases on social that have lifted my spirits lately, so I thought I’d also share 9 travel quotes inspiring me, which you can download as a phone wallpaper or slip into your Pinterest boards. They always make me smile. Every adventure starts somehow with a… View Post

My Dream UK Roadtrip | Sponsored by Bailey of Bristol

You know how you have Travel Dreams (those ones complete with capital letters) that you keep tucked away in your heart of hearts? Well, although we’re currently on lockdown in the UK and unable to take a trip at the moment, there’s nothing to stop us from planning and dreaming about getting out on the open road when the time is right. Disclosure: This post was commissioned by Bailey of Bristol who have been manufacturing… View Post

Glenskirlie House and Castle Hotel – Snoozing in a Scottish Castle

Weddings are magical – and even more so when they are held in a castle that’s nestled in the peaceful Scottish countryside. Glenskirlie House and Castle was the venue for a good friend’s wedding recently – and we celebrated the joining of their two families in an age-old handfasting that went on into the wee hours. (In total honesty I didn’t last all the way into the wee hours when the shots were broken out,… View Post

Glasgow, the Art Nouveau Movement and Cake

Over the years that we’ve travelled up to Scotland, every time we’d planned to pop over to Glasgow, something got in the way. Christmas snowstorms, temptation by way of Peebles Fish and chips, lazy weekend afternoons, a rampant fire through Glasgow School of Arts and sheer unbridled disorganization. But, we finally made it to Glasgow. We intentionally planned a couple of days there to relax after an intensive road trip into the breathtaking landscapes of… View Post