Date Scones Recipe | A Kiwi Classic

Piping hot, fluffy scones with mouth watering nuggets of dates, topped with butter melting into their hot surface. If you keep reading, consider yourself warned that this date scones recipe is addictive – made with simple store cupboard ingredients, they are ridiculously easy and scrumptious.  Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah. Date Scones. These, savoury muffins and pikelets (aka “scotch pancakes” for my Brits) are cornerstones of my Kiwi childhood. Memories of the kitchen full… View Post

A week of Birthday Shenanigans

I have a rather naughty habit of extending my birthday well past 24 hours. Initially it was stretched out to 36 hours – using the excuse of expat time differences.  Then, it became a weekend, which was still fairly reasonable. A few years later when I turned 30 it extended out into six weeks (I blamed the Mandarin Oriental hotel for their refurbishment works schedule) but I’ve since reeled it back into a very reasonable week(ish)… View Post

Egerton Hotel: A pawfectly luxurious doggie afternoon tea.

My cutest afternoon tea date (ever) arrived at our Egerton Hotel rendezvous wearing a blue bow tie and his salt & pepper hair suavely combed – just right for a Kensington afternoon tea.  Paws down, this is the cutest afternoon tea I’ve ever done. Ever. And I shan’t be apologising for the litany of puns about to litter this post. #Sorrynotsorry As my date for the day is still rather young, he also brought his gorgeous… View Post

Scones, Skhones and Skons – The Great Tea Controversy

If you ever want to open up an argument discussion with a bunch of pinkie raisers/bloggers/strangers, all you need to mention is one baked good; scones. Quite humble in appearance, these pillows of baked delight cause a level of debate normally reserved for Nuclear Power sources, the truth of Football injuries, EU legislation regarding curves of bananas and whose turn it is to take out the bin on rubbish day. They call to us from… View Post

My 10 favourite afternoon teas (2015)

Someone, somewhere in the universe has designated this week as it’s national afternoon tea week (though I mean honestly, who needs more excuse to book and reminisce about afternoons of luxury?) It has almost become a blogger cliche, inviting the girls to a few hours of decorous luxury, but one that I rather adore. As I’m getting on in years (feel free to feel sorry for me…) I’ve swiftly come to the conclusion that I’d… View Post