Sunset over Mount Fuji, Japan – pinch Me. Travel Linkup

A cool wind whistled over the hilltop. Sunlight glinted the surface of Lake Hakone on one side and dappled the surface of the Pacific Ocean beyond the grey stone building nestled at the peak of the (terrifying) cable car wires. In front of us cloaked in Winter splendour, Mount Fuji. Her peak mostly bare of clouds we took several long moments to simply breathe in the auspicious and rare sight. I’ve never felt more alive than… View Post

Nara, Japan #travelthursdays

Spending time reflecting on trips to the British Museum with it’s Japanese Gallery, the beautiful Netsuke and the glorious art of tea drinking, has me homesick for Japan, and in particular our memories of Nara. It is a lovely historical oasis. Serenity, respect and beauty are the words that come to mind. These Sika deer were lovely. They eat out of your hand (this one I especially loved – he had worked out that he should stand by… View Post

Hiroshima, Japan #travelthursdays

When we were in Japan, tripping around Tokyo & Kyoto with a week-long Shinkansen pass we couldn’t waste the opportunity to visit the small but infamous Japanese town of Hiroshima, and learn about the devastation caused.   The sad story of Sadako and her thousand Cranes.     I have to be honest, I wasn’t certain about going as I’m ultimately a chicken and prone to being affected deeply by stories of war, but I’m so glad we did.… View Post

Kyoto, Japan – #travelthursdays

For us, Japan was a country of two halves (oh, and they’re getting pretty good at rugby) the old, beautiful traditions and a new modern world adapting itself to the future. It’s all the more amazing for how easily they seem to meld the two.       For us it was the most apparent in our friends newly built home – having a  traditional Tatami mat room (the majority of the family played, read,… View Post

The Best Bottomless Brunch in London | AD

A lovely friend of mine recently moved to London, and asked me to recommend the best bottomless brunch in London to her for her birthday. But, there’s a twist. DISCLAIMER – This post was commissioned by but all bottomless brunch in London enthusiasm is very, very much my own.   I’ve got to be honest here and confess that as a self-crowned brunch queen, I only knew of a couple of places to recommend and had… View Post