The Bulford Kiwi – a 130m tall piece of Graffiti near Salisbury, Wiltshire.

High above the Salisbury Plains one of the biggest pieces of New Zealand graffiti in the world overlooks an army base. (It’s to the left, out of shot.) Forget the Westbury White Horse in Oxfordshire or the Cerne Abbas Giant over Dorset both cut into the hillsides by the Celts (possibly dating back to 500BC) as pagan worship to their gods; a giant Kiwi was dug into the rolling hills above Bulford Army base just… View Post

A Kiwi Christmas feat. Mount Maunganui and pies

I can still feel sand between my toes. It’s approximately 4°C outside, London is bursting with winter and my tan is fading faster than you can say ‘moisturise’, but I’m fairly certain I still feel grains of Kiwi sand between my toes (and goodness knows everywhere else). Miniscule grains of New Zealand shorelines that came home with me as a reminder of how crazy I have been to leave summer christmasses behind for so very long.… View Post

Pies, Olympians, Lamingtons and a Kiwi mini-festival near Regents Park.

Picture this, straddling one side of genteel Marylebone Road we have Taste of London in Regents Park; Londoners nibbling canapes, sipping sparkling wine and discussing Foodie trends. On the other side, in a private garden, we have the Kiwis drinking beer, eating pies and listening to Jarred Christmas tell dirty jokes and rib a gold medal toting Olympian about how strong his arms would be in a hug. Oh yes, Kiwihouse was back (with a few less flames).… View Post

Toastie Pies – Kiwi Cooking

Disclaimer: Toastie Pies are really moreish – and health-wise, pretty well just the same as your average sandwich. I try not to eat too much bread anymore, trying to subscribe to the theory that White Bread is the devil, tempting you with its delicious softness whilst providing very little nutritional goodness, but I have to make an exception for these babies. And not eating it often makes it oh-so-much scrummier. The golden crust of the bread, the… View Post

The Best Kiwi Cafes in London | Sweet As Kiwi Brunches

Researching this post of the best Kiwi cafes in London has been the result of 15+ years of extensive footwork. Flat whites are available all over (though I have deep misgivings about McDonalds doing them) and you can get sweetcorn fritters on many brunch menus – but you can’t beat the laidback hospitality and inventiveness of brunch in a Kiwi run cafe/restaurant. I’ve arranged these by classic & inventive, then tried to (very) roughly run… View Post