The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Spain

Our last trip before the world changed so drastically was a long weekend in Spain – a leisurely one at that. The focus was the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, a modernist work of art – and that’s the just the building, even without considering the treasures that the sinous walls contain.  On my bookshelves, there’s a very well thumbed book with a grey cover that inspired much of my initial travels. 

The Natural History Museum, London: A Walk Through Time

When the lovely Keri (from Ladies That Travel) and I had our plans of brunch and wandering through Londonscuppered by a bout of dismal weather, we decided to pop over to the Natural History Museum near South Kensington instead. Warning: Images contain animal skeletons & taxidermy. As a childhood favourite haunt of Keri’s and one that I grew to love in the first few years living in the UK, the Natural History Museum has a special place… View Post

A Twelfth Night Wassail at the Brunel Museum, Rotherhithe

As we settled into the corner of the pub, chitter chatting with a few American tourists, swapping stories of slightly crazy antics (me: sheep herding, them: flash Halloween parades in Ohio) it struck me just how much I love the oddities of London and the magic of England. They said to my friend and I, ‘hey, actually, do you know why there are slices of toast hanging from the tree outside the Brunel Museum,’ my… View Post

Visiting the National Maritime Museum: The Emma, Lady Hamilton – Seduction and Celebrity Exhibition

She was the Kim Kardashian of the early 18th Century. No, actually, Kim K wishes she was half the person that Emma, Lady Hamilton became. Rising from a penny-scraping existence on the wrong side of the law, she won the heart of national hero Lord Nelson (that’s where the allegory doesn’t quite match), became friends with Marie Antoinette, developed from a household chattel to a titled Lady, was a household celebrity mauled in the press,… View Post

A visit to the Roald Dahl Museum, Great Missenden

Even though I’m always chafing at the bit to get overseas (recently being accused of going away “too much” which is impossible in my estimation) I’ve consciously tried to explore my adoptive home island as much as possible. A friend coined the term ‘permatourism’ which is bang on the money – being a permanent tourist, even when in our home countries. Seaside trips, highland vacations, day trips to quirky museums, even London staycations where we… View Post