The best things to do in Prague on a girls weekend

Europe to me is history pages that have come alive – ancient stone bearing scars and flowering gardens full of stories to come. But the simple question on most city trippers lips when they visit the Czech capital is ‘what are the best things to do in Prague?’   How do you encapsulate an entire city spanning more than a thousand years – during which time the city grew from the Vyšehrad Castle to the capital… View Post

Prague: #TravelThursdays

One Kiwi, one disposable camera, one week of holiday, a few pounds saved from bar-wenching and the whole of Europe to choose from – the only real question was where to begin my European marauderings? Which one of the big four left to choose (London was conquered already) – chic Paris, the Tuscan richness of Italy, history drenched Germany or the relaxed bohemian way of life in Spain? Sun drenched Prague it is. Frank Gehry’s Fred & Ginger Building or, how… View Post

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Spain

Our last trip before the world changed so drastically was a long weekend in Spain – a leisurely one at that. The focus was the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, a modernist work of art – and that’s the just the building, even without considering the treasures that the sinous walls contain.  On my bookshelves, there’s a very well thumbed book with a grey cover that inspired much of my initial travels. 

If We Were Having Coffee – The Two Month Edition

The last two months have been busy, crazy, frenetic and thrilling, so I suspect if we were having coffee it’d be a flat white in my hot little hand. I’ve been working my little freelance tailbone off, booking 2020 adventures, going on 2019 adventures, dreaming about the future, making goals, then summarily ignoring those goals… I’ve spent a lot of time on my laptop and thinking about social media srategy. 

10 Amazing Girls Weekend Destinations

I adore going away for a weekend of fun with my friends, and I thought who better to ask for recommendations than some of my favourite bloggers – they all kindly agreed to share their favourite amazing girls weekend destinations! I’ve been lucky enough to have enjoyed some of these destinations with a few of these ladies – and one day soon I hope to get to the rest of them. Ranging from the UK… View Post