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    St Pancras Renaissance Hotel | A Magical Evening Under the Star-Case

    Sometimes as a Londoner you get to experience really special moments that you actually can’t imagine would happen and dining under the incredible sweeping staircase of the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel was one of those. Disclosure: we were guests of the hotel, but all thoughts are my own.

    St Pancras Renaissance London

    The beautiful St. Pancras station is one of my favourite places in London – those majestic gothic arches captured my heart many years ago, and the interiors are just as breathtaking.

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    Searcys Travel Afternoon Tea St Pancras | Themed Afternoon Teas in London

    It’s fair to say that 90% of my waking thoughts centre around travel in some form and I knew from the moment I heard about the Searcys Art Of Travel afternoon tea in St Pancras Station, that I wanted to pop in and try this iteration of themed afternoon teas in London. The only problem was that I was too busy travelling to book it in for an age…London


    Luckily, one of my favourite partners-in-mischief rolled into London fresh from New York, which gave us the perfect excuse to daydream alongside the Eurostar trains rolling themselves to Paris, Brussels & The Netherlands.

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    London Living: Kings Cross/St Pancras

    It occured to me the other day, train stations are interesting creatures. They aren’t places that you’d normally go for a visit (unless a trainspotter), they are gateways for large numbers of people walking in, waiting, perhaps browsing then dashing off to their exotic/fun/work destinations. But we rush through them so quickly, and when we do stand there, we are generally staring at the boards wishing away our waiting time that we don’t always get a chance to appreciate the sheer beauty of the buildings holding up the boards.

    London has some of the best, and certainly infamous Train Stations. Kings Cross has recently undergone a major revamp, but most importantly, the Hogwarts 9 and 3/4 has been returned to it’s proper home (it had been stuck on an external corner whilst the works were completing.

    I quite like the new station, the architectural style of the new overarching waiting area contrasting then with the stunning St Pancras Station across the way..

    It’s a lovely place to stand & wait for your train – especially when shooting over to the continent! If  really bored and musically inclined, I spotted this sweet piano!


    The Ultimate London Bucket List | Insiders Edition | Sponsored by Keith Prowse

    Over the years I’ve made it a mission to explore as many unique London nooks and crannies as I can, and yet I’ve never actually put them altogether and written an ultimate London bucket list. So, without further ado – or more fluffy pre-amble – here it is! Disclosure: This post was commissioned by Keith Prowse, the official hospitality provider for many iconic venues and stadiums across the country including Wimbledon hospitality 2020.


    Living in London long-term is a fascinating window into the eccentricities of British history. Buildings that have survived more than 10 generations of human stories, streets that echo the rambling paths of underwater riverbanks, rolling acres of grassy parks and the delicious smells of a melting pot that is London cuisine. History books be damned, this city is alive with the most incredible tales.

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    The Best 12 Christmas Trees in London | 2019 Edit

    I’m not quite ready to leave behind Christmas, the [self-proclaimed] most wonderful time of the year. So I’ve decided I’m not going to, and share my favourite 12 Christmas trees in London instead. Most of these will be up until the New Year, if not the 12th Day of Christmas, which is technically Sunday the 5th January. Disclaimer: For some reason every single one of my photos seems to be blurry. I don’t know why. I blame the mince pies indulgence…

    Christmas Trees of London 2019

    Liberty London | Award for most worthy of a talking caterpillar

    The Liberty Tree was almost my favourite of the festive season – with a distinct Alice in Wonderland 

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