Thanksgiving in London | Aqua Shard

According to Wikipedia, Thanksgiving is a federal holiday in the United States, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.  This dry description leaves out that it’s the tradition of gathering with your family and friends – and Thanksgiving in London at Aqua Shard was something even more special again. Disclosure – this time we were guests of Aqua Shard but all thoughts are as ever my own. Many years ago when I was a university… View Post

Aqua Shard Weekend Brunch Review

Come with me to a rather special place in amongst the clouds of London. It’s a modern temple of gold and charcoal – and has heavenly city views. Oh, and the menu? The Aqua Shard weekend brunch array is as opulent as the surrounds. [Disclosure: I was a guest of Aqua Shard but all flowery descriptions, leisurely lingering and repeat visits are very much my own.] It was the first out of the house lunch… View Post

If We Were Having Coffee July | Expat Life in London

If there was a theme to this monthly session of chatting over coffee, it’d be decisions. The decisions you make both in life generally, and specifically when you live the expat life in London. I think I’d be sipping a tropical espresso martini – ideally at the top of Aqua Shard with my lovely friends.

If We Were Having Coffee | A Tropical Edition

Well, to be honest, November was equal turns surprising and amazing. So, I think I’d be having a rum punch in lieu of a coffee (or maybe a Jamaica Coffee – dark rum, coffee liqueur, coffee, heavy cream and coffee beans. But, I digress.)  It was rather destined to be lovely – Mr Kiwi and I had a holiday to Dubrovnik booked, missing all of their summer crowds, so we spent nearly a week exploring… View Post

11 of my favourite Christmas Traditions [Travel Linkup]

Every single year there are 11 of my favourite Christmas traditions that I insist we fulfil without fail. And if we can’t, I’ll find a workaround that somehow leverages them in, anyway – here’s looking at you 3-foot high neon green Christmas tree of ’15. London is one of my favourite cities to spend Christmas in. Whether it snows or dawns a clear blue sky there is something magical in cool December days spent under… View Post