A few years ago for my birthday, Mr Kiwi and I boarded a plane up into the Arctic Circle. Thanks to the joys of social media and bloggers, we had been tipped off that one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights was Tromso in Northern Norway. We were lucky enough to not only see their elusive shimmers but also spend time under a sky where we could just about touch… View Post

Gathered around a Norwegian campfire, 350km into the Arctic Circle, huddled from head to toe in exploration overalls and snow boots we had one of those life-affirming moments. Occasions when you really feel alive. We only had to stare into the clear pinpricks of the Milky Way, spread across the night sky in a haze of primordial luminescence, whilst our tour mates clanked about with torches and cameras attempting to capture the faint Aurora Borealis… View Post

 Tromso, the arctic city so cold even the statues wear woolies… Just a few snaps that made us smile… Leave your pugs at home, in Tromso it’s wolves and sled-dogs… Art imitating life…   Assuming the blogger position… So the British Consulate is/was in the world’s most northern brewery? Fancy that…

We were so busy exploring in our arctic gear that my normal zeal for tastebud travelling was a little subdued – our itinerary is normally heavily influenced by a desire to try everything that country is famous (and infamous for) with thoroughly researched restaurants and supermarket sweeps. This time, not so much due to time restraints and a rather awesome hotel deal. (As an aside, what is it that’s so fascinating about other countries’ Supermarkets? Everywhere… View Post

Chasing the Northern Lights was our main reason for exploring Tromso, but it’s a pretty city all in it’s own right. Blessed with clear blues skies for most of our trip we. couldn’t. stop. taking. photos.   Literally just sat at the window sill with a chair pulled up to the prettiest view from our waterfront hotel room, we spent a lot of time just watching the port boats slip in and around. Cup of tea… View Post