Vienna State Opera House

As a foreigner coming from a country 150 (or so) years old, I can’t ever quite explain the fascination that old things has for us expats. As kids we were more likely to be sentenced to an afternoon on grassy fields playing in sunshine, whilst museums were kept as rainy day back up plans. Fast-forward 20 or so years and I find myself actively seeking out beautiful places. It doesn’t matter which country we’re in… View Post

Where to find the best schitznel and cake in Vienna*

It felt like every second meal we had on our 72 hour city break in Vienna was of the cake variety. Chalking it up to being away from home and the cake reputation Vienna seems to be associated with we indulged, cutting out unnecessary meals like breakfast and lunch. With my travel date (poor Mr Kiwi being dragged from tourist pillar to post) suffering from a reoccurring bout of flu, we didn’t make it out… View Post

72 hour city break in Vienna, Austria

Vienna is grand, elegant, perfectly compact, leafy, full of delicate baked goods peddlers, brimming with history and a thousand other superlatives. It’s one of those cities where you mention a visit, and everyone – and I mean everyone – exclaims “Oh, I LOVE Vienna!”. There is plenty to do for culture vultures, spas for relaxation weekends, cake on nearly every corner, gardens galore for picnics, museums for ghosting. Just all the things.  All in all,… View Post

Fischers, Marylebone Restaurant Review – a taste of Vienna

It is getting cold in London. Typical January weather – a bitter wind, occasionally icy rain and a flutter or two of snow dust. It isn’t arctic by any means, but after travels on the other side of the world the drop of 20°C + seems to be sitting in my bones. To add to this, the unbridled joy of Christmas has flown, and the rosy cheeked whisper of winter has taken possession of our… View Post

5 Of My Most Memorable Meals | August Travel Linkup

Over the years we have been lucky enough to enjoy meals in some of the most wonderful places – so I thought I’d share 5 of my most memorable meals. Aftternoon tea at Claridges, breakfasting like lords in a Bordeaux Chateau, dinner at the Ritz, feasting on a bento box near Mount Fuji, lunching at Le Manoir, brunching with glorious London views, drinking ‘arctic whiskey’ under the Northern Lights in Tromso, eating cake in Vienna and so many more… View Post