Brunching in style at The Wolseley

“Breakfast is everything. The beginning, the first thing. It is the mouthful that is the commitment to a new day, a continuing life,” wrote A. A. Gill in his introduction to his book ‘Breakfast at The Wolseley’. He was a wise, wise man. We always seem to visit for birthday breakfasts, gathered around a table with my nearest and dearest friends, all smiling and sipping coffees. The Wolseley is a beautiful European restaurant located next… View Post

10 of my favourite London restaurants and cafes still running in Lockdown 2.0

It’s grey, cold and we’re in the middle of a pandemic. It’s so lovely being able to order a treat from some of my favourite London restaurants and cafes still running in Lockdown 2.0. (Disclaimer: I’ve been a previous guest of some of these – but I’ve also been a paying customer.) As well as supporting our very local restaurants and small businesses. *cough* Vada Pav with Szechuan Cheese *cough* 

If We Were Having Coffee July | Expat Life in London

If there was a theme to this monthly session of chatting over coffee, it’d be decisions. The decisions you make both in life generally, and specifically when you live the expat life in London. I think I’d be sipping a tropical espresso martini – ideally at the top of Aqua Shard with my lovely friends.

Home Dining by Corbin and King

An intriguing twist in life lately, has been bringing restaurants into our home instead of dining out. For months there has been no going out to eat but trying alternatives like the recently launched home dining by Corbin and King, which was delivered to us. [Disclosure: I was given these meals by Corbin and King but all opinions are very much my own.] We were delighted to peruse the menu with signature dishes from the Wolseley (a… View Post

St John’s Wood Restaurant Review: Soutine

There’s a special kind of magic when a group of people gather around a table – all the way from a humble cup of tea, through to intricate tasting menus that titillate the palates. Soutine is elegantly in the middle, a Parisien corner of Salon de thé, a St John’s Wood restaurant in a glorious period building. Disclaimer: We were invited guests of the newly opened Soutine but as ever, all dreamy pastel metaphors are very… View Post