A (Too) Quick City Break in York.

Much like the Grand Old Duke of York, who had ten thousand men and marched them up to the top of the hill, and then marched them down again, I can’t get enough of York… (because he visited repeatedly, that was obvious, right?) Having visited nearly half a dozen times over the years, and somehow not managing to share it on my blog over the years, I would say that although you could visit from… View Post

Harewood House, West Yorkshire – March Travel Linkup

Many moons ago, I tripped Up North to spend a weekend with my favourite purple-hued American and her sweet boy (look, not all my friends are bloggers but the best ones definitely are or were, there’s something about scribing on the internet that makes for interesting people) and feeding our dual-obsession for all things English history, we packed the car for a road trip to one of her favorite spots. Before you roll your eyes… View Post

Duke of York Square Christmas Fun in Chelsea

Coming back from unusually warm and sunny weather on holiday in the US (lovely enough to swim in outdoor pools) to the cold streets of London was rather disheartening except that we planned it so we would arrive just in time for the Christmas lights to go up over England. Disclaimer: We were invited guests of Duke of York Square and my (very many) opinions are only ever my own. Almost everywhere you go (spot… View Post

Rock and roll, quirky art and cherry cocktails – Duke of York Square

Living in a city as large and sprawling as London (really it’s an amalgamation of long-ago villages that have merged into the tube map) you often find yourself skipping over suburbs unintentionally for lengths of time, only to rediscover them leaving you wondering why you ever left them out. Lately I’ve found myself gravitating to Kensington and Chelsea (it was Shoreditch for awhile – to the point that my husband accused me of becoming a… View Post

Floristry (and afternoon tea) by Lord Hurst, Doncaster Yorkshire

I’ve spent a lot of time changing trains at Doncaster and hanging out on platforms with hastily snatched coffee watching locomotives roll through this large South Yorkshire market town station. It wasn’t until I happened upon a certain (currently) purple haired girl of mischief, one Miss Dannielle of Chicadeedee blogging fame, and was invited to leave said station for an hour or two (ok, actually a house-warming party) that I managed to see a little… View Post