There should be a law passed declaring that all historic houses and gardens must be visited at the end of sunny days, and as near to twilight as possible. There is a magic in dappling… View Post

You know how sometimes you have those moments that you want to hold onto, and make last forever? Sipping Dom Perignon in the summer sunshine with Angie and Binny was definitely one of those recently.… View Post

England to me is personified in 3 words; beauty, history and a touch of the surreal. There really isn’t quite a country like in the whole rest of the world. (I could write thousands more… View Post

The ocean waves have been calling my name. Eventually, I decided on a Bournemouth escape. I simply wanted to read my book on the train for a couple of hours of English countryside, stay somewhere lovely… View Post

Barcelona feels like the city that got away – and needs another chance.  Luxury Retreats commissioned me to share my first impressions of visiting, and what I’d fit on a second visit whilst staying in… View Post