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    Post Wembley Celebration Drinks

    Once we had completed our flights, we were at a lost for how to celebrate – luckily a new hotel opened a stones throw from the exit!

    No Riff Raff: We were kicked out of the exclusive lounge that we wandered into by accident. You know it’s living it up when everything is free, so Check.



    Comfy Chairs: Check

    Cool Beverage Refreshment: Check


    Tasty Snacks: Check (those far ones were amazing, Korean Chilli Snacks I think?)

    Decent view: Check


     Random British Inspired Carpet: Check

    Posh Modernistic Lobby: Check

     Shiny Entry: Check

    Pretty Deck: Check

    One colourful last regretful Drink: Check

    Todays Workout: Rest day.


    Wembley Stadium, a (kiwi) birds eye view

    How does flying through the air on a wire going 25mph whilst taking in the views of the home of English football sound? I’ve come to the realisation that we need to enjoy life to the max, and have to try and live up to my chosen blog name ‘Adventures of a London Kiwi’ and push the envelope a bit..

    We were taken on a guided tour of Wembleys facilities; the plush changing rooms, players tunnels and Royal Box, which on a normal day would have have been awesome in itself, but our guide assured us that the zipwire set up diagonally across the pitch was the absoloute best way to see it.

    It was amazing. When my brother in law first saw it and suggested it, I was ever so keen, but as we got closer and closer, realising how high it is, and how fast it is, I have to admit I was scared. Big scared.

    Once it takes your weight, and you clear the rather solid looking concrete and steel balcony, it was AMAZING! Staffed by no-nonsense northerners, (sorry hubby) the Yorkshire staff were brilliant. Professional, thorough and funny. Exactly what you hope for when entrusting your life to them.
    Did I scream like a girl? You betcha I did!

    The FA Cup – I can’t tell you how excited my lads were, oh, and they saw the infamous ’66 cross bar which has been mounted and made into a cafe entrance.

    The changing rooms, and where the hunky England football players shower (well, it is the beautiful game isn’t it, and you have to have something to keep you interested in between the grass blade tripping…)

    The tunnel entrance to the pitch, where we then made our way to the Royal box



    See the yellow arrow, that’s how high the zipwire was!


    This was one airborne Kiwi!!

    This is the first year that Wembley have allowed the ziplining, hopefully they continue to do it; astounding.

    Apologies for being MIA yesterday, just too tired.

    Todays Workout: 11 minutes running, 50 minutes solid walking, 10 minutes on the stair machine


    Saturday Adventures

    We had a smashing Saturday yesterday –

    … catching up with friends in the craziest pub I’ve ever been in – Waxy O’Connors near Picadilly Circus (apparently it gets rammed in the evenings though)

    …watched the Circus set up in Picadilly Circus for the Festival tomorrow;

    … meandered past Kiwi House

     … caught a lift in a London Icon

    and watched a musical involving an 8-foot Grim Reaper, Flying horse and a Ferret. Review to follow later in the week.

    It was kinda crazy today!! Excuse the poor photos, but I had to share. Favourite Saturday ever I think.

    What is your favourite way to spend a Saturday?


    Letter to my future self – 10 years

    One of my more random 101 in 1001 goals (bar dancing in the rain and sleeping in the treetops) was to write a letter to myself, to be opened in 10 years time. It’s a really interesting thing to do – it really made me think about where I want my life to go. It’s aslo a trange feeling to contemplate where I am now – married, living on the other side of the globe and up to general mischief around London.
    I wanted to be an achitect working on the conservation of buildings; but with wanderlust hitting me hard, after a year of working like a fiend off I trotted to pastures foreign and I love it.

    The question I get asked the most when I tell people that I’m from New Zealand is if I miss it. New Zealand itself, yes and no but my family absolutely yes. but, with the advent of video calling, NZ is just a click of a mouse away. The lovely thing is because I live so far away it seems almost more important to have that contact regularily, and I think that we probably talk more than a lot of families living in the same town.

    So 1st September 2022, who and where am I going to be? Rather randomly, we met up with a really good friend today, turning 48 soon, and he said in the course of our conversation “I think that by the time you are 25 your personality is pretty well set. The only thing that changes is your body begins to fail.”


    Have you ever made 10 year plans/goals?


    Crazy work people

    Most of the time Work sucks. But sometimes in the lottery of the workplace you end up spending 90% of your waking hours with some really lovely, and crazy people.

    Exhibit A:

    I swear to you one moment he was in a suit then 30 seconds later I saw a flash of neon pink. My stomach hurt we were laughing so much…