Blog Roll

What I love the most about these blogs are the vivacious variety of posts, escapades, mischief, fun, real life, chaos, quirkyness, foodie fun, history, brunch… all the wonderful blogging personalities.

Just a few of my favorite blogs for your perusing pleasure…

Sequins and Cherry Blossom – London, sunshine, sushi, books and blooms.

Runaway Kiwi – Coffee, brunch and an obsession with polka dots.
Emm in London – An eternal South African Tourist.
The MayFairy – A wicked Kiwi, with a razor sharp wit.
Jasmin Charlotte –  A hybrid English Kiwi currently living in London
Angloyankophile – Stylishly escaping the clutches of suburban American life in London…
Cake and Whiskey – She had my heart at ‘cake’.
The Lifestyle Diaries – Full of mischief and smiles.

Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes – Gluten free afternoon tea, roadtrips and mischief.

Silverspoon London – Luxurious life, fun and foodies escapades (with a side of salmon ;D).

Lux Life – Life, events, food, travel, luxury – and the best surname ever.

Luxury Columnist – Delectable tastes of the finer side of life.

Penelope & Parker’s Travels – Accountant by day, travelling blogger by night…

Follow your Sunshine -Luxuriating in the sunshine of a Doha life.

Urban Pixxels – Stunningly stylish photography.
To the Days Like This – Adventures, travels, ramblings and thoughts on this funny old life.
Melanie Fontaine –Aspiring writer & photographer with a mad case of the travelbug

Jess on Thames – My favourite Minnesotan Kiwi living, loving London.
Being Erica – Wednesdays she wears pink.

Kiwi Footprints – Tips, tricks and photography causing travel envy.
Why Waste Annual Leave – I think the name says everything you need to know…
Lines of Escape – Travel, confessions, suitcases, quirky activities and a side of archaeology.

Globetrotter Postcards – Immersive theatre, day trips, off the beaten track travel & a huge shy smile.
Erin Out and About – Expat life on the flipside.

Chic-a-Dee-Dee – The story of a New Yorker & her explorations of North-East England
Big World, Small Me – A New Zealand girl who left home five years ago to pursue a life of travelling and living abroad.

This City Life – A writer currently navigating the world of advertising and a new life in Leeds.
Six out of Ten Magazine – Head in the clouds and feet on the ground.

The Sunny Side of This – The fabulous ‘self-proclaimed unofficial Slovenia-Mexican Ambassador’.
A Deecoded Life – An expat living in Singapore and sharing her world.
Unlocking Kiki – Lust worthy life in Iceland
Full of beans (and sausages) –  A devoted English romantic and explorer living in Canada.
Crumbs in the bed – Saying life how it is as an English expat in Belgium
Toothbrush Travels – An ex-expat having expat worthy escapades.

The Italian Kiwi – The life and times of an Italian Kiwi.

In her 30s – Honest #foodporn.
Lady Loves Cake – Wellington NZ brunch meets London UK dinners. Get in mah belly.

Whatever Gets You Through The Day -Delicious recipes and wonderful writing.
Rhyme & Ribbons – London shenanigans and a Paul Hollywood approved baking thumb.
Passport and Toothbrush – Currently travelling around the world one London restaurant at a time.
More than just a cupcake lover – Chatter, tea, cake, London.

I always find it fascinating to see whose blogs other bloggers love to read – does it say something about our personalities? In fact I’ve just realised that my bloglovin’ has 230 blogs that I follow.

Hello, my name is Emma and I am a blog addict.

(I know I’ve missed a plethora – drop me your recommendations!!)

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