• Virtual Cheese Tasting with Paxton and Whitfield

    Whilst it’s not the same as in-person, I’ve actually loved trying out all kinds of online events over the last few months; quizzes, games, comedy events and music gigs. But, top of the list has to be the virtual cheese tasting with Paxton and Whitfield. Disclosure: this tasting was given to us courtesy of Paxton and Whitfield, but all fromage excitement is completely my own. Now I already love Paxton and Whitfield. I love popping in… View Post

    7 ways to stop procrastinating

    Well, first of all, I have a confession. I have a full list of things to get done today, and yet, here I am, procrastinating by writing a blog post with the clickbait title of 7 ways to stop procrastinating. Fun fact: I didn’t even get all the way through writing this post without stopping to take photos of the dried roses on my desk. How’s that for meta-procrastination? Did you know that people often procrastinate… View Post

    9 Once in a Lifetime Experiences

    I miss travel. The excitement of booking a trip to somewhere I’ve dreamt about, the thrill of getting on a plane or train to destinations new, the smell of a brand new place. So, I thought I’d reminisce about each once in a lifetime experience that gave me shivers. To be fair, my personality is always split, and I’m also relishing ridiculously leisurely Sundays (re-)reading my book(s), but those journeys by page are making me… View Post

    Where to stay on a Chichester Staycation | The Goodwood Hotel

    The elements to the perfect night away – fun things to do, excellent food, great company (or a great book on a solo trip) definitely pivot around somewhere delicious to lay your head – and the Goodwood Hotel is a great place to stay on a Chichester staycation. Set in an enormous estate (12,000 acres of park and woodland – complete with golf course, it’s hilarious how I keep up ending at golf hotels) the Goodwood… View Post

    Chichester | Beyond the Motorsports

    One of the best things about having travel-obsessed friends all over the UK and the world, is that you not only get tipped off about amazing places, you get to go and spend time with those friends in their backyards. My overnighter to Chichester was one such trip – and I had two local guides taking me to all of the best places. I’d slipped down to Chichester before for an afternoon in the Tinwood… View Post