• A Delectable Sunday Roast at Bondi Green

    In the midst of the last lockdown, the Radio Lamington Lammos were like a beacon of home to this homesick antipodean – so when we emerged, butterfly-like, it was only fair to balance them out with a steadfast British tradition; the delectable Sunday Roast at the newly opened Bondi Green in Paddington. [Disclosure: we were invited guests of Bondi Green – all gravy pouring love, enthusing over the cauli and sheer joy at being out… View Post

    11 of my Favourite Christmas Traditions [Travel Linkup]

    Every single year there are 11 of my favourite Christmas traditions that I insist we fulfil without fail. And if we can’t, I’ll find a workaround that somehow leverages them in, anyway – here’s looking at you 3-foot high neon green Christmas tree of ’15.   London is one of my favourite cities to spend Christmas in. Whether it snows or dawns a clear blue sky there is something magical in cool December days spent… View Post

    Practical Gifts for Photographers (and Enthusiastic Content Creators)

    I’ve written small business/charity gift guides for a few years, but this year I’m going to add one to the a list – practical gifts for photographers (not to mention enthusiastic content creators and social media managers.) I know that bloggers writing gift guides close to Christmas is a well worn trope, but over the years I’ve actually found some them incredibly helpful. I certainly wouldn’t call myself a professional photographer (though I’ve technically been… View Post

    7 Fantasy Book Series Recommendations | Perfect for Curling Up With

    It’s cold and miserable. All I want to do is sink into another world, with a cup of coffee in hand – and so that’s what I’ve been doing. Unashamedly. These tomes that I turn back to, time and time again, are all fantasy book series that you have to curl up with.  Books that require a blanket and peace.

    How to Deal with Homesickness as an Expat

    I haven’t chatted all things expat in awhile, but speaking with friends recently the topic of how to deal with homesickness as an expat has come up a fair amount recently. (Between swapping book and TV/movie recommendations obviously.) It’s going to be a long time before a lot of us get to visit home, so it’s no surprise that it’s something on our minds. Living permanently in another country as an expat, it is so… View Post