• Where to stay in Istanbul | The Ritz Carlton

    I never dreamed that we would get to visit Istanbul, a city steeped with exotic mysticism. When deciding where to stay in Istanbul the Ritz Carlton was recommended to me by several of my friends who had explored the city straddling both Asia and Europe. Flicking though my photos the other day reminded me of how beautiful our stay was – and how I hadn’t shared our time there. [Well, that, and my only regret of… View Post


    Returning to an old favourite restaurant like Le Garrick is like putting on a long-forgotten, beloved jumper. It’s cosy, delicious, fits a little differently but above all, has an underlying love of satisfaction so different to a newer garment. Disclaimer: We were invited guests of Le Garrick, but my (very many) opinions are only ever my own, and I would never recommend anywhere that I don’t happily visit. And revisit. Restaurants from all corners of the globe line… View Post

    The Best Bottomless Brunch in London | AD

    A lovely friend of mine recently moved to London, and asked me to recommend the best bottomless brunch in London to her for her birthday. But, there’s a twist. DISCLAIMER – This post was commissioned by BottomlessBrunch.com but all bottomless brunch in London enthusiasm is very, very much my own.   I’ve got to be honest here and confess that as a self-crowned brunch queen, I only knew of a couple of places to recommend and had… View Post

    Things To Do In Felixstowe [spoiler: walk, relax & eat ice cream]

    We played holiday roulette this summer – with travel still limited to the UK, booking somewhere to stay has been competitive to say the least. In the title of this blog post I promised to share all the things to do in Felixstowe, but honestly the most important for my friend and I was switching off our busy brains and revel in the sound of the ocean. (All those negative ions; I’ll explain shortly.) When… View Post

    How to Stay Cool During a British Heatwave

    Let’s get two things straight: a British heatwave is horrible. the buildings here are built to keep people warm rather than breathing, and yes, yes, you are always very cool. But. Knowing how to stay cool during a British heatwave is an expat survival level that you hit once you’ve been here for a few years.    It’s a secret expat level masked by all those jokes about incessant rain.