Weddings are magical – and even more so when they are held in a castle that’s nestled in the peaceful Scottish countryside. Glenskirlie House and Castle was the venue for a good friend’s wedding recently – and we celebrated the joining of their two families in an age-old handfasting that went on into the wee hours. (In total honesty I didn’t last all the way into the wee hours when the shots were broken out,… View Post

Around a decade ago, at this time of year Mr Kiwi and I were hunting for venues to get married in.  With the legalities being carried out in the beautiful Marylebone Town Hall, a celebration drink in the lovely Landmark hotel and dinner in the restaurant that we were meant to have our first date in, we wanted to find a Lincolnshire church that was close to our hearts. One of the reasons why I came… View Post

A good restaurant is the alchemical combination of so many factors. A.Wong Restaurant in Pimlico (and soon to open in Bloomberg Arcade) seems to nail them all – the delicate delights that Andrew Wong and his team serve up even had Jay Rayner writing a sonnet. Why? The dim sum lunch menu is stellar. A.Wong Restaurant is in the pretty humble, but slowly emerging Wilson Street, Pimlico, just behind Victoria Station, tucked amidst old man pubs… View Post

As an expat who has had to ship her life around the world, and worse, between distant boroughs of London – not to mention the years that I worked by day in property management on a private portfolio – over the years I’ve accumulated a strange amount of knowledge when it comes to the practicalities of moving house. Disclaimer: This post was commissioned by Shiply, an online platform that matches those needing something transported (house move/car/pet/furniture) with a… View Post

Autumn. It’s considered ‘basic’ now to adore the season of rust coloured leaves, snuggling into warm scarves and sipping lattes – but I’ve always loved it. Something I love even more (if that’s possible) is exploring London houses and gardens in Autumn – it is beautiful, calm and cool. So, I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite houses with gardens where the leaves turn vibrant shades of orange and red (oh, and… View Post