Aoteoroa, Land of the Long White Cloud, God’s Own. New Zealand is known by many names, including ‘home’ for me. At least once in your life, you must do a North Island road trip. With gorgeous waterfalls, geothermic oddities, amazing beaches, snoozing volcanoes – the North Island is gorgeous, but it often plays second fiddle to the glory of the South Island.  What qualifies me as an insider? I’m a born and bred North Island… View Post

It was one of those grey, wintery days. The rain was drizzling in that particularly damp London-ish manner, but it didn’t matter. Inside Evoluzione at Hotel Xenia in Kensington, Shikha and I had a tabletop full of Italian sunshine. Disclaimer: We were invited guests of Hotel Xenia (An Autograph Collection Hotel), but my thoughts and terrible puns are all very much my own. Behind the traditional Kensington facade lined with meticulously trimmed, fairy light-filled box hedging,… View Post

No, I haven’t lost my mind. One of the things that I adore the most about London, is the sheer curiosity that this city engenders. You think you know London, and then you discover that some of the Trafalgar Square traffic lights have special symbols, rather than the ubiquitous stick man ushering pedestrians across the crossing. If I’m being honest, this isn’t a new discovery for me – but one that I’ve meant to share… View Post

There is nothing more precious than time. When I’m home in New Zealand, my main focus is spending quality time with my family and friends, but they are sweet enough to indulge my insatiable curiosity about our nation and we end up exploring in between coffees. My home country is astonishingly beautiful, exceedingly friendly, full of easy-going locals and, unfortunately, literally on the other side of the world from my adopted home, so every moment,… View Post

Health and wellness as an expat. It’s often something that isn’t at the top of our very busy, very full to-do lists, and in this stressful world, it really ought to be right at the top as a consideration. Recently the Aetna International team interviewed me about health and wellbeing as an expat, and they raised questions that I haven’t considered in rather a long time. (Read the full interview via the link at the… View Post