• Celebrating a Big Freelance Anniversary 4 Years!

    I’m so very happy to be here celebrating my 4th freelance anniversary as a fulltime social media consultant. How do you sum up a whirlwind of 4 years? Well, it’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made.      I’m so proud to say that I’ve built my business from scratch; over the years I’ve worked with national companies & international charities, had photography/content jobs commissioned by amazing London restaurants, helped some incredible small… View Post

    A Tour of my Office Desk | Working From Home

    You know those ‘what’s in my handbag’ posts and articles? Well, I’ve always meant to write one, but never been organised enough. So, instead I thought I’d share something a little less portable, but even a little closer to my heart – a tour of my office desk. I always find these little windows into people’s working lives fascinating. Snapshots into the inner sanctum of their lives – the struggle between the places that we… View Post

    A Post-Lockdown Reverse London Bucket List

    Because I’m really cool (not, we all know this) I’ve decided to turn our Travel Linkup topic of a travel bucket-list upside down – handle to the ground if you will – and linger a little on some of the lovely, lovely moments I’ve been pining for. A Post-Lockdown Reverse London Bucket List if you will/need a grandly titled collection. All this time we’ve been stuck at home, with seemingly unending cold dreary days of… View Post

    The Importance of Small Moments

    I don’t know about you, but everything that’s happening of late has only made me more determined to revel in the importance of small moments of life, even more so than ever. And I was pretty sickening already…    This isn’t just appreciating a moment, but stopping whatever you’re doing to be still and really in that moment.

    One of the best walks in London | Chelsea to Marylebone Station

    Once upon a time, a young kiwi lass moved to one of the most enchanting cities in the world. Fast forward more than a decade, and she still takes the time to stroll some of the best walks in London, breathing in the wonder of the city, wandering along the smaller side roads, marvelling at the history they hold. This Kiwi, she [will subequently switch to a first person narrative voice, don’t worry] often skips… View Post