Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and think ‘crumbs, who are you? Who is this person looking back at me in the mirror? (NB: Also related thought: Do I have early onset Alzheimers?’) Well, this blog post is a musing or two on ‘who am I’ and other big questions for new bloggers like ‘who are you?’ I’ve been doing this piecemeal navel gazing of late, as one of my lovely nephews… View Post

We drove from London to Belgium, crossing Essex, the southeast of England, a fair amount of France and then accidentally slipped over the border to Mons, Belgium.  As a reprobate island dweller (all the way from New Zealand to Grande Britannia) I still delight at how easy it is to slip between countries in Europe, so we took full advantage of this when spending a few days in France.

Balance. Ahhh, that elusive nirvana. I get asked all the time for tips on how to balance work, life and blogging, so I’ve put together my most valuable hard-learned lessons, genuinely time-saving tips and honest practicalities into one, single blog post instead of many wine-fuelled conversations. Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post contain affiliate links. If you buy an item after clicking on one, I receive a small commission at no extra cost… View Post

A black and white tail eagerly skidded past me – intent on the pink squishy ball flying over the snow and nothing else in the entire world – 3 nanoseconds later he flashed past again in a delighted blur of Collie fur. We were playing in the snow-dusted lawns before our booking for lunch at Cliveden House, earning ourselves a tasty repast. The skies were blue after a thick snow flurry the day before, and… View Post

To chase away the impending January blues, Sima (The Curious Pixie), Binny (Food and Travel Diarist), Shikha (always asking Why People Waste Annual Leave) and I plotted a cheeky respite from the winter blues, a ladies staycation in our favourite city, London. Disclaimer: We were invited to spend our London staycation in the Chronicle Aparthotel by Supercity but all views, PJs and meal choices are very much our own. Did you ever read The Babysitters Club… View Post