With a rather busy week, a duvet day tomorrow is definately tempting – especially with the cool crisp weather we have at the moment. Overall it’s been a really good week, and I’m looking forward to the weekend. I have celebrated 4 wonderful married years with my hubby; (it’s fruit & flowers this year the traditional gift – he got me the below flowers, and because I think I’m funny, I got him a tin… View Post

Mark of a good restaurant? 8 hours in it & 3 meals – breakfast, lunch & dinner. The lushest Brownie. Ever. With a Kiwi accented menu (Sweetcorn Fritters anyone?), Caravan is quite industrial in decoration located in a converted Mill, but very comfortable nonetheless for the Kiwis, Pirates, Spaniels and brunchers flocking there.  Sweetcorn & Black Pudding Fritters. Bliss. We rather enjoyed exploring the menus, in between talking (hubby is sure “using more words in 8… View Post

(C’mon Mr Postman, I can’t wait to open my parcel!) This month I was paired to send a Foodie Penpal parcel to Rebecca, a blog reader, so we thought we’d share the items she enjoyed – thank you for the lovely feedback Rebecca & I hope your move goes smoothly! I’ve been into cooking and learning new recipes for some time now, so when I stumbled across the idea of Foodie Penpals last month, I was… View Post

As I passed another birthday milstone, I find myself being spoilt like crazy. I have had the loveliest birthday celebration days (5 in total!); full of laughter, warmth, goodies, naked chefs(!?) and everything I love. It can be hard in London, meeting great people in such a large busy place can be difficult, so I’m lucky to be surrounded by some of the best. From Birthday hugs and dances,   Hazlenut Truffles, 8 hour brunches, Krispy… View Post

There are two schools of thought; one that say that a random act of kindness can’t really be random if you tell everyone; it needs to be done quietly and not lorded about. I think I’m more aligned with the second school of thought – share it, and who knows what you may influence, even subconsciously. I like a challenge which is why I picked 7 in 7 days; and have tried to carry out… View Post