There was such hype about this book, and I kept saying to myself “Shall I get it? Is it all just hype? Should I get a samurai sword?” And the answers are Yes, Somewhat but… View Post

In the last while, we’ve enjoyed some really interesting foods and tastes; Umami Homemade Curry Powder Coconut Milk, from a Coconut Raw Oysters Almond Butter But these babies are my favourite so far: I wish… View Post

One thing uniquely London, is the Notting Hill Carnival. A melting pot of food, music & dancing, but not for the faint hearted. With Jerk chicken that could burn through steel, cool crisp beer, and eye-watering… View Post

I had planned great things for my blog posts today: a recipe and discourse to rival war and peace.   However, as things do, life kind of got in the way. We got some pretty… View Post

Now, I love London with all my heart (except the part that will always be reserved for Aoteoroa) but the one downside to London – the weather (Oh, and commuting, but we’ll leave that for… View Post