Peter Grant is your average Central London PC; street-wise, loves his curries, beer and football but not so great at concentrating on the finer detail. It just so happens that one day he takes a… View Post

I love smoothies, and I’m kind of obsessed with them. Anything that can be blitzed and slurped I think I’ve played with, but still find the old classics make such a lovely, quick and nutritious… View Post

Tonight I was out with the Girlies. Teppenyaki for dinner, followed by a few bevvies, some Fat Freddys Drop and a lot of laughter about being a foreigner in England. Life is good. We went… View Post

A very good friend of mine decided as a birthday treat, she’d like to spend a night at the races. Not just any races, but the Greyhound races in South London. Now, I’m up for… View Post