As the nights are drawing in, American blogs are flaring up with Pumpkin flavoured recipes. I love Pumpkin, and have gone to many lengths in the past to track down Libby’s Pumpkin Puree, last year making a Pumpkin Pie (which I adored and hubby liked). I don’t what it is that first attracted me to Pumpkin; we’ve always loved in at home in New Zealand, it’s a particular childhood favourite, and when I heard that… View Post

After date night recently with the hubby, we stumbled across M&M world in Leicester Square. I have sampled the delights a couple of times, but it still amazes me that they have built a 4 floor temple to all things M&M-y. And it’s a beautiful E-number coloured and popular world. It is an excercise in PR amazingness – as my hubby exclaimed “They are only sweets, this place is crazy.” They have everything from a… View Post

This tells the story of a Chinese family coming to grips with each other, and their place in American society during the Second World War and the impact it has still on their lives decades later. Narrated by Henry Lee, based around an old Seattle hotel which has been boarded up for decades, the narration slips between 1986 and 1942 and draws parallels between his relationship with his father, and his slowly slipping away relationship with… View Post

A pretty relaxed day (see exhibit A – I was pinned down by her) after our shopping marathon yesterday, we did the usual commuter chores then met up with a friend for an hours power walk near where she lives. Living in London does have it’s unglamourous side too! Sadly, the alarm bell still goes off even in peoples 14th Century Manor homes – not mine sadly – yet! It’s great to feel the changes… View Post

This week has been full of fun & frivolity; catching up with friends, learning copying Russian, arranging to meet & making new friends, being one of the boys, drinking a wee bit too much, surviving the ensuing hangover, watching work colleagues wrestle, the cat messing with us and shopping. Now, I don’t enjoy shopping. I know girls are meant to LOVE the chase of a new pretty skirt, the whisper of a new blouse. Me,… View Post